Saturday, June 24, 2017


This week a captive Kansas City chimp died after a tragic drop following a brutal fight.

And so, Kansas City and Missouri are both now at the forefront of a crusade by a celebrity and a controversial animal rights organization that hopes to keep these primates safe.

Here's the word:

Alan Cumming and PETA Ask Court to Free Chimpanzee Co-star From "Unsanitary" Sanctuary


Alan Cumming and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have gone to court to get Tonka, a chimpanzee who co-starred alongside the actor in the 1997 comedy Buddy, out of "unsanitary" care in a Missouri facility.

The federal lawsuit, filed by PETA in the U.S. District Court of Missouri's Eastern Division on Friday, seeks to transfer Tonka and 10 other chimpanzees from the Missouri Primate Foundation, an animal-care facility, to accredited sanctuaries.

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Anonymous said...

At least nobody is shooting at these chimps, and they aren't going around wearing bow ties and lying to people.

Anonymous said...

Must be some life spending your time suing folks 'cause there is too much monkey shit in the cage. The future of America is in the hands of these wankers. Lets hope they don't get baboons voting rights.

Anonymous said...

the head monkey wears a bow tie and is mayor of kansas city

Anonymous said...

That is an insult to the monkey