Friday, June 09, 2017


From our favorite Conservative blogger, here's a reality check about the recent budget slap fight in Kansas that's touted by progressive media as a Democratic Party in a state that has been solidly Republican for the past 50 years. Take a look:

Washington Post: "The End of the Tea Party in Kansas" - The Sentinel

Kansas was at the heart of the tea-party revolution, a red state where, six years ago, a deeply conservative group of Republicans took the state for a hard right turn," write Ana Saxon and Max Enhrenfreund in the Washington Post.


Anonymous said...

Hilary lost because she is a very stupid old cunt. Simple as that. Anyone who voted more her is either a stupid fucking millennial or a lesbian or a faggot.

Anonymous said...

Or a negro or a Mexican and every welfare recipient.

Real KC said...

Don't blame me, I voted for Johnson!

Anonymous said...

kansas can't be explained to nor by outsiders.

it's both conservative and progessive at the same time.

the main thing in kansas is to be nice, very nice, and do the right thing. that ethos really transcends politics, but it's hard to comprehend.

Anonymous said...

Hey 11:16 - "What is Alleppo?"