Friday, June 09, 2017

First 2017 Kansas City Ozone Alert Today

Global climate change follow-up . . . Bright side from the ATA . . . "An Ozone Alert! occurs when there is a forecast for unhealthy amounts of ozone. On these days, bus fare is only 75¢."

First Alert: Ozone alert issued for Friday


Anonymous said...

I don't get the alarmist ozone alerts. Does no one remember the "ozone machines" in the 70's used to freshen air in the home? It also kills bugs and smells by oxidizing them in reaction. Not to mention, hot weather speeds this reaction and dissipates ozone more readily.

Anonymous said...

So we get a break from the normal Oz Zone?

Anonymous said...

O zone is fake news. Just like the weather people. Only nature knows what the hell is going to happen.