Saturday, May 20, 2017


The Mayor's no-bid plan for Burns & Mac buddies has been met with skepticism from City Council, the biz community and voters.

With years to plan and develop . . . A rushed scheme is delayed in legal review and hurried effort now looks like a cheap sales tactic in retrospect.

A week after announcing his scheme with a sneak press event . . .

- Business have reached out to City Council to note their no-bid objections.

- Critics and tax fighters have identified glaring omissions and troubling aspects of the MOU i.e. Why should Kansas City settle for a smaller new airport when every month sets a new record for travelers????

- Council threatens to postpone the November election date.

- The Mayor thinks the airport is going to leave Kansas City if he doesn't get his way . . . WTF???

- The local murder count continues to spike whilst Mayor Sly pushed the agenda of corporate patrons.

And so . . .


Transit activists and engineering firms who don't want to be left behind will soon present alternative ideas for airport redevelopment that don't involve KCMO handing over local control to an international conglomerate and could offer a more innovative design. Like it or not, in this way Mayor Sly's bully tactics have been successful at moving the discussion forward inasmuch as the airport is now an inevitable aspect of Kansas City's agenda in the immediate future.

And so . . .

Given that Mayor Sly's double take didn't work . . . It should be interesting to witness new plans rising from the ashes or an clumsy effort that crashed, burned but still seems to be inspiring change.

And all this has inspired our playlist tonight . . .

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Anonymous said...

the smaller airport is a mystery. The only reason they're doing it is to raise ticket prices. KC residents will pay one way or another.

Anonymous said...

Kind of like the way that burns & mac has designed my water bill to double over the past 3 years?

Anonymous said...

smaller? wtf?

in business, sometimes an overture can create an opening to a privileged negotiating position.

the very rough draft of a new airport with purportedly innovative private financing may just have been bm's wedge.

then, sly thought it would serve his purposes, or perhaps naively considered it serious.

but the rough draft seems to so crude that it may not even be a basis for negotiating, notwithstanding a collective effort to finesse it through a legal negotiation.

Anonymous said...

If a new airport is to be built, the lower costs of normal municipal financing make more sense than opting for more exoensive, experimental private financing.

Anonymous said...

The libtards elected this guy and they hate Trump? Man that speaks volumes about KC values.

Anonymous said...

BM has been great for Kansas City, but does anyone else think they're trying to take advantage of the situation here?

Ben Dover said...

Whassa Matter wit all youse people?

Even lobbyists and retired politicians gotta make some bank!

This Tony KC anti airport blog shit is making life harder for us professional airport hoes than a Buy One Get One Sale on Penis Pills!

Anonymous said...

I want to know where the heavies are going to load and unload... UPS, DTS, FEDEX? Special place for them? Who pays for that? Why can't they just start at A with the remodel, then B, then C ? Makes to much sense.

Anonymous said...

9:51 comment; You're obviously bright, and I like the way you think.

"in business, sometimes an overture can create an opening to a privileged negotiating position."

"but the rough draft seems to so crude that it may not even be a basis for negotiating, notwithstanding a collective effort to finesse it through a legal negotiation."

Agreed, I've been wondering if the rushed MOU announcement was merely a ploy to redirect the debate toward who/how the single-terminal will be built as opposed to the original question of "why do we need a new single-terminal airport?" Recall that the detailed plan to remodel/redevelop was never given serious consideration by Mayor and Council majority.

The term sheet for the MOU is laughable! After the Council had a chance to read it once, it should have been given zero consideration. No outside legal opinion is necessary to determine that the term sheet is a complete joke. So, I agree with you again, it raises the real possibility that we are witnessing a public charade!

Consider the following:
Financially, KCMO is in trouble, and has just passed it's largest general obligation bond issue in city history.
Mayor James has received huge campaign contributions from BMc, and already gave them a new company HQ expansion that was city-financed.
City Manager Schulte was rewarded with pay raises/contract extensions and will do whatever James asks of him.
Quinton Lucas loves Mayor James and hopes to be a future Mayor. Publicly, he pretends to oppose/question James on a few issues, but always falls in-line behind him. Lucas is a hypocrite.
James' personality is such that he wants to be a mover/shaker and hates listening to the public and acting ethically. He's all about shoving to the front of the line, and is not above acting corruptly. He rationalizes away his corruption by saying the ends justify the means.
So, James and BMc, colluding together over scotch, devise a plan in which James will get his single-terminal to impress non-resident visitors, and BMc will reap a financial windfall that secures their balance sheet for the next generation. Their best-case scenario is that the Council caves and gets steamrolled, agreeing to the rush,rush time schedule. Next option, is to have Lucas (who James has confided in) play interference with the "outside counsel" game in which he brings round the opposing Council members after handpicked experts clean up the MOU language.

Here's the game plan:
Outside counsel stalls and wears down the opposition with Lucas working on them from the inside. Mayor James appears frustrated and repeats threats that this is our only chance. BMc remains calm and diplomatic to win public trust, claims to be working as a charitable public servant. Council accepts MOU after being reminded they already spent $475,000, with only 2 dissenting votes. Public vote in November will be rigged if necessary to insure a win, or Council will ignore voters and proceed anyway. James hopes to split for D.C., gives his endorsement to Lucas' mayoral ambition. BMc generously donate to James, Lucas, and Council members who handed them a no-bid golden ticket. After the terminal opens, Schulte retires from KCMO employment and joins BMc as a consultant. City struggles to payoff previous airport bonds, and ongoing operations/maintenance because they've forfeited all airport income to BMc. 85-percent of BMc employees still reside outside KCMO, the company doesn't pay their fairshare of taxes (including earnings tax), and local media remain silent on the GREAT SWINDLE OF 2017.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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KC Voter said...

11:12 - amazing. If the star was relvant THAT is what they would be publishing.

Anonymous said...

Remember the downtown convention hotel is another of Slie's "NO BID" deals!

Anonymous said...

10:37AM comment
EXACTLY! It's the only way Sly James knows how to operate. He's the antithesis of open ethical representative government.

Anonymous said...

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