Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Hottie Sophie starts our Kansas City early morning as we take just a quick moment to link and look at some of the better local news stories that we didn't catch from the recent news cycle. Take a look:

Celebrate Kansas City Local

MU guest editorial: Local is always better

By Miranda Smith Northeast News May 17, 2017 Everything is better when it's local. Local produce is fresher and creates less waste. Shopping locally supports the local economy. Local art keeps a city's unique culture alive and thriving. It only makes sense that a locally-controlled police force would be a good thing too.

More Top Cop Talk

Kansas City citizens sound off on the kind of leader they want for chief of police

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- There are four days left until Kansas City Police Chief Darryl Forte retires. On Tuesday night, citizens got to voice their opinions on who should be selected as the next chief. It was the third and final public input session put on by Kansas City's Board of Police Commissioners.

Talking To Local Dead

Keys to Kansas City's historical past may lie in the metro's cemeteries

PARKVILLE, Mo. - There are all kinds of ways to make ends meet, but for geophysicist Keith Seramur, he makes a living among the dead. "We use this on archaeology sites that may be 6,000 years old, 10,000 years old," said Seramur.

Reward For Info

$2,000 reward offered for men wanted in shooting

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The U.S. Marshall Service is offering a $2,000 reward for information that leads to the arrests of two men connected to the shooting of an elderly Platte County man during an armed robbery. Officials say James Osler and Requon Dillard may be hiding out somewhere in the Kansas City metro area.

MCI Stays Winning

KCI's passenger numbers are up for the 36th straight month

Kansas City International Airport's passenger numbers have increased every month for the past three years. Last month was the busiest April at the airport since 2001. The increases lately have been higher than the airlines had projected to finance a new airport terminal.

Avoiding Rock Chalk Gun Talk

Kansas Senate backs down from floor debate on concealed guns

Kansas Senate backs down from floor debate on concealed guns Senators opt to send bill back to committee Senators on Tuesday voted to send back a bill that would allow public hospitals and nursing homes, community mental health centers, low-income health clinics and the University of Kansas Medical Center to ban guns in their facilities.

Active After Leaking

Convicted transgender soldier will stay on active duty

(AP) - The Army says that when transgender solider Chelsea Manning is released from military prison on Wednesday she will remain on active duty in a special status, pending her final appellate review. An Army spokeswoman, Lt. Col. Jennifer Johnson, said Manning will be released in accordance with former President Barack Obama's decision to grant her clemency.

Guide To Political Double Talk

This is just a roundup of things Missouri and Kansas Republicans said about classified intelligence last year

Donald Trump is mentally unstable and has no core beliefs and no curiosity about anything besides his own public image, and he was willing to say anything at all, to anybody, in order to get elected. As a result, it is boringly easy to dig up old Donald Trump quotes and tweets that directly contradict his actions now that he is president.

Northland Department Story Farewell

Antioch Crossing Sears closing after more than four decades

After opening in Antioch Center in 1973, Sears held on for decades, through changing demographics and a major redevelopment of the center. But now the store, at 5415 N.E. Antioch Road in Antioch Crossing, is having a liquidation sale and will close in late July.

Playtime Is Over

Students raise concerns as Kansas City, Kansas Community College set to close day care center

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - On Tuesday morning, students addressed their concerns about KCK Community College closing its child care center. The Board of Trustees opened the floor to students during their meeting. Nestor Olmo, a KCKCC student and parent, became emotional as he explained his concerns. "I don't know what to do," he said.

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Buying local is wonderful. Thats why we bought our local toy train decals locally and spend millions in Spain buying the train.