Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Parents Continue Kansas City Transgender Youngster Celebrity Publicity Tour

Local "public" radio is complicit in this bit of social justice celebrity child publicity that puts a youngster at the center of adult debate about toilets, access and culture. As always, we do our best to keep youngsters out of the spotlight when it comes to controversy and tough talk . . . Meanwhile, the MSM doesn't seem so concerned about the long-term implications of this story given the typical tragic history of child stars: Representing Transgender Kids Is Both Empowering And Annoying For This Kansas City Girl


Anonymous said...

KCUR: local pubic radio

Anonymous said...

If this kid's parents were really concerned about their kid and his/her emotional state and thought that allowing him/her to "switch" genders was the best thing for the kid, they would have done it quietly and in the peace of their own family. Considering they've done everything possible to garner attention and public praise for their "brave" decision, no matter what the effect on an obviously fragile child, I'm guessing it had to do more with the parent's narcissistic desire for attention than anything having to do with the best interest of the child.

It's sad, but hey, I'm sure the parents needed something to differentiate themselves on Facebook.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so this child is nine. Way before the body and brain are done growing. In spite of this, the insane parents of this child have elected to act on media instructions and take their preadolescent child's word that they're misassigned.

After the movie 'Sibyl' came out, there was a worldwide surge in people who claimed to be like the lady in the film. No doubt some sliver of these people actually had dissociative identity issues--but probably the majority had merely latched on to the latest fad of more-unique-than-thou personal definition.

In much the same way, celebrity gender games have invented a huge advocacy industry that has massively proliferated what is in reality a tiny phenomenon affecting few.

Sad. Too bad for this little GIRL.

Anonymous said...

Can't these left wing shit heels have an agenda without fucking up the kid's head. Do these slugs have no sense of fucking decency or parental obligation?