Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Aftermath of racial drama uprising protest costs at least 400 jobs as all of Columbia, MO suffers the consequences of a "conversation" that was handled poorly by just about everybody. Checkit:

Mizzou sees effects of declining enrollment in Columbia

Posted: Monday, May 15, 2017 9:17 PM EDT Updated: Monday, May 15, 2017 9:18 PM EDT COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) - The University of Missouri in Columbia is seeing the negative effects of budget cuts and declining enrollment.


Anonymous said...

Big Layoff too.
Would Never send my Kid to that school.
After the Layoff's the only people Left to teach will be Liberals, and BLM supporters.

Anonymous said...

The Black Hand Of Economics.

Anonymous said...

Hope BLM is happy 400 people are going to lose their job. And before any of you think it will just be all libtard professors, think again. It will be physical plant people, everyone in all departments.

Anonymous said...

parents from the show-me state, many of them, have lost confidence in the worth of a degree.

Anonymous said...

the former jewel of the school, the vaunted journalism department, helped destroy its reputation.

there must be some crosscurrents sociologically, however, that are at work making various cohorts not feel at home or not like the school.

plus, the oversight and management haven't been courageous in any way that's visible.


cml said...

Just change the name to Farrakhan University and hand out degrees based on the color of your skin.

Oh..., wait..., don't they already do that?

Anonymous said...

All it would have taken is one real leader to engage the silliness of the BLM media circus--not a true civil rights movement, more of a selfie opportunity movement. Sadly that's one more than they had.

Taxpayer Outrage said...

@ Byron Funkhouser

You are the same people who who would "refuse to send your kids" to MU, and talk about refusing to patronize their athletic programs after all of the scandals and national embarrassment that the racial protests caused. Yet you have no problem with allowing some MU-graduate continue to be employed on the taxpayer dime, in a position directly responsible for your family's safety when driving on Missouri's highways.

If you believe that MU is academically deficient, wouldn't you be worried about what some MU engineer grad is doing when it comes to roads and bridges that you drive on?

Turner's office number at the MoDOT St. Joseph Office is 8.1.6.--3.8.7.--

Call thus guy tomorrow morning and talk to him and after you do I guarantee you will be sick to your stomach and outraged enough that you will be calling your state reps in Jefferson City and joining the movement to have this guy fired and thrown in prison.

Just ask any other local in St. Joseph about this guy, and every single one of them will tell you the same thing. They all hate this guy and want him gone.

Taxpayer Outrage said...

Some of you people are HYPOCRITES

How can you say in another discussion on this blog that you are against sending your kids to MU. But you are NOT against people who COME FROM MU?

Missouri state government has thousands of Mizzou grads like this traffic guy. Why are you not against him? He's a product of what you speak out against.

Anonymous said...

I'm Not a hypocrite I HATE all MU grads. Across the board.

Anonymous said...

Better not layoff the tutors for the black students.

Anonymous said...

400 more libs to have more time to "protest"

@ 9:00 AM said...

If you are serious about what you say, then call that number in the post above and tell it to the face directly of that MoDOT person that no one likes.

Everyone knows you won't because you're too much of a coward to come out from behind the cloak of anonymity.


If you want to make yourself heard without leaving a name or number, go to this site:



And fill out the form. You don't have to leave any personal contact information. Use these forms to tell the MU grads in MoDOT what you think of them, and tell them that you will boycott them where possible by buying gas out of state.

If you want the message to get directly to the MoDOT stoplight engineer in St. Joseph, select Buchanan County.

The citizens of Missouri need to take a stand against the Missouri University grads in state government and elsewhere. This includes sending messages to these people and boycotting alumni-owned businesses.

And don't forget, the MoDOT hack in St. Joseph drives a car with MU personalized plates that say "TRAFFIC".

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Melissa Chick U!

Anonymous said...

LOL about time for more Lay-offs at MU the suck ass university.

Dukey said...

These idiots didn't even know at they were mad about, protestin mirrors,they'd never go to Fergie son n have their ebony Utopia there cuz they Kno nigros would Rob em m shoot em, the feral ones, that commit 100 murders a year, so beat on impotent poly correct whitey will make their day

Anonymous said...

Who's the stalker? Seriously dude needs to get a restraining order against you. Was your family member hurt or killed due to his incompetence? Tell that story if that's your beef. You just sound like a crazy person now.

Anonymous said...

so...blacks have fuck-ed up Brookside, ..the Plaza..now Mizzou.

same story nationwide.

blacks owe the Whites $$ TRILLIONS in Reparations!

Anonymous said...

MU's focus seems to be athletics. Athletes are mainly African-American. Winning is what the powerful alumni want. More trophies, more bragging rights, more revenue. Academics comes 2nd or maybe even third in he grand scheme of things. The MU System periodically cuts staff, freezes salaries and raises tuition. This has nothing to do with BLM. It's standard operating procedure for the schools. I wouldn't want my relatives to go there simply because hey deliver a sub-standard education.

Anonymous said...

I have a number of years before my offspring will be heading off to college. Without major systematic changes throughout the "elite" of the University, unfortunately I'll have to pass. It has become dangerous for white kids to attend school there. It used to be you just had to avoid the black student union on S Hitt after dark. Now you're watching out on a stroll across the quad at dusk. I miss the days when the worst thing you had to worry about was a contact high from the dopers at the park near Elm.

Anonymous said...

“I didn’t want them to feel alone,” she said.
“I certainly didn’t mean what I said to be a call for violence,” she said.


Right and when I said put a Hit out on her I did not mean kill her.
I meant bath her in her Chanel # 5.

Anonymous said...

Citizens do you really want these confused adults in charge ?
Of your children morality.?

Anonymous said...

Carrot Tops cousins fault.

Anonymous said...

Stick a fork in MU, KC is a KU town.

MU is now The Western University of Fergustain.

Anonymous said...

has Claire provided leadership and input to mu?

Anonymous said...

You people are a bunch of idiotic two-faced hypocrites. You sit there and talk about how much you have that school and one poster even said how much he hates all graduates from there. But yet you come to the defense of one who nobody likes and is a stooge in state government, making a living pissing people off by who he is and what he does for a job.

You talk about how "you'd never send your kid there", but you won't do anything about someone or anyone who already comes from there.

Anonymous said...

For Universities to regain lost integrity there should they should use SAT test scores as a blind filter to who attends who doesn't regardless of race, creed or color.

Sensible Action said...

Things Everyone Should do to Take A Stand & Make Your Voice Heard

Boycott MU alumni-owned businesses.

Tell local sports bars and restaurants to remove MU decorations or items from their restaurants or you will no longer patronize them.

Boycott organizations and businesses that advertise during MU sports. Watch for their logos on the backdrops behind press conferences, etc.

Call your cable or satellite company and tell them to drop the SEC Network or you will drop your subscription.

Call your local radio stations that carry MU sports and tell them to drop their affiliation with the MU sports network or you will stop listening to their station and refuse to patronize their sponsors.

Tell your local school not to accept any invitations from MU for your school band to participate in "band day" or MU homecoming.

Call your Missouri state legislators and demand that the Missouri Department of Revenue stop issuing MU personalized license plates.

Call your state legislators and demand that they pass legislation prohibiting Missouri state employees from displaying MU personalized license plates on their personal vehicles.

Call your state legislators and demand that they pass legislation placing a moratorium on all hiring of MU graduates to state government positions. Also demand that any current MU graduates currently in state employment will be the first laid off in any future downsizings.

Tell local retailers to stop selling all MU merchandise or you will stop patronizing them.

Call your state legislators and demand that MoDOT remove all signs for MU on the highways around Columbia and to enact a moratorium on installing any new signs for MU.

Do not patronize any businesses in Boone County. If you are driving through on the highway, do not stop until the next county line.

Do not re-elect any official who is a MU supporter or alumni.

If you are with another University, tell your athletic department not to enter into any contract for playing any future sporting events versus MU. For those other institutions already in such a contract, tell them to cancel it.

If you are within reasonable distance, go across the state line outside of Missouri to purchase fuel. License your car out of state if possible.

Anonymous said...

Call or E-mail the Missouri Lottery and tell them no more MU themed lottery scratchers tickets or you will cease playing.

If you happen to find yourself doing business with an MU grad in state government, find something about that person you didn't like and file a complaint.

Tell the Kansas City Royals to drop "Mizzou Day at the K." Or you will not attend any more games.

Call the State of Missouri Office of Administration and demand that they stop collaborating with MU to offer State Employee Discounts to select MU sporting events.

Find out which businesses offer MU Alumni Association discounts to members and demand they cease or you will stop patronizing them.

Call MoDOT headquarters and demand that they stop collaborating with MU to sponsor the "Annual Traffic & Safety Conference" held each year in Columbia. This event draws hundreds of MoDOT employees for what is really a taxpayer-funded "vacation".

Most of the MoDOT employees who attend this are licensed engineers just go solely to get their legally required professional development credits to maintain licensure.

Speaking of licensed engineers, if you find out one is an MU grad, find out something you don't approve of and file a complaint against their license with the Missouri Licensing Board.

Call the Missouri State Highway Patrol and demand that they stop using state taxpayer dollars to provide traffic control and security at MU sporting events. Let the campus and local cops do that. Don't make the rest of the state pay for it.

Call your elected representatives and demand that no more federal or state contracts be awarded to MU for any projects or research.

Call the NBC network and tell them to drop KOMU-TV (Columbia affiliate owned and operated by MU School of Journalism) as a network affiliate or you will stop watching NBC and patronizing their sponsors.

Tell the Truman VA Hospital on the MU campus to cease their affiliation with the University.

Please feel free to add to this list and pass this along to your friends and family.

And by "call", of course that includes e-mail, text, tweet, Facebook, etc.

Anonymous said...

Boycott MU alumni-owned businesses

Boycott MU alumni-owned businesses

Boycott MU alumni-owned businesses

Anonymous said...

Hang out a shingle that says "Free Food, Free Education, Free Rent and Free Healthcare", and if nothing else the tax pays of Missouri can use M.U. as a magnet to suck all the boons to central Missouri. It is pretty much shot to hell for any other legit use.

Anonymous said...

@7:43, man, you really have an axe to grind. You do realize that every single licensed Engineer from MU was out of school before this BLM activist push by the progs right? Why do I say that? 4 years min in the workplace before you can apply to take the PE test. Alternately two years in grad school with a degree + two years in the workforce. At worst an Engineer with a Master's was graduating when this crap went down, and probably couldn't get out of there fast enough. At best, those Engineer's, like me, are looking at their alma mater with grief wondering if the collective heads of MU will pull their respective heads out of their asses and turn that once great institution around from the nation-wide laughing stock it became with the progs in charge.

Anonymous said...

Is UMKC okay?