Monday, May 15, 2017

Kansas Warns Against Prez Trump Tax Cuts

More ominous economic date from the Sunflower State that never quite recovered from dust bowl era depression in a lot of ways. Take a look:

'We are a cautionary tale': Kansas feels the pain of massive Trump-style tax cuts

Kansas is broke - but you wouldn't guess it looking at its shining state capitol in Topeka. The imposing limestone monument, crowned by a shiny copper dome and limned with John Steuart Curry's luminous murals, has just undergone a $325m facelift.


Anonymous said...

To hear the libbietards squeel Kansas has been broke as hell for years. I go shop, get groceries, enjoy the sights and entertainment and I don't feel a thing. Perhaps Kansas is demonstrating that people can actually survive without a nanny state. Perhaps the solution is quit having kids you alone can not afford to raise. Perhaps the solution is stop giving tax deductions, that really just shit taxes over to the responsible citizens, based on having more damn brats that everyone else has to pay for. Maybe the real problem is too many state supported moochers - not more taxes.

Anonymous said...

An article from the Guardian? RME Their solution is to implement a Jeremy Corbin-style economy; it works so well in Venezuela.