Sunday, May 14, 2017

Kansas City Sunday Foodie Hype

Quick peek at nice local news for our readers who aren't bombarded with this type of stuff on social media all day. Credit where it's due, some of the places listed aren't so bad . . .

Top 10 Kansas City Favorites -- Food And Drink Edition

It's no secret that Kansas City is a wonderful place. It is lively, young, and only getting better. One of the best things about KC is that there are so many stellar and unique restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, distilleries, and so much more. I'm still finding new gems after calling KC home for nearly 5 years now.


Anonymous said...

lively? young? getting hotter? Obviously someone hasn't seen the news in over a year.

Anonymous said...

Yes it's getting better because we are at rock bottom only one way but up