Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Kansas Adrian's Act Touted After Horrific KCK Youngster Torture And Death Shocks World

Important progress of Kansas child protective services in the aftermath of the most brutal case reported in at least a generation. Take look:

KCK boy's slaying prompts call for new rules on reporting abuse

TOPEKA, Kan. - Story overview: Adrian's Act would require adults to report child abuse they witness in a home where they live Bill would not change homeschooling laws or regulations Kansas Dept. for Children and Families supports bill Kansas lawmakers are considering major changes to regulations for reporting abuse after a child was tortured to death by his parents despite his abuse being reported to state officials.


Anonymous said...

Both Kansas and Missouri officials failed him due to jurisdiction issues. This needs to stop.

Anonymous said...

Poor kids are on their own. You can report over and over, with no results. Maybe they will send someone to knock on the door and ask if anyone is abusing children in there. If here is no answer, they go away and the kids are toast. If the do talk to the adults, what they hear is "everything is fine". Then they go away leaving the kids to endure.

Unknown said...

Contact the legislation and call for a change. Tell them to support this bill.