Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Double murder Wednesday in Kansas City has been exceptionally with more gunfire erupting on local streets as of this writing.

Today we counted the 43 homicide in Kansas City so far compared to 35 at this time last year. That's a 22% spike and it's still Springtime.

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Priorities for KCMO leadership seem to be an airport, a convention hotel and keeping toy train streetcar hype running. Meanwhile a cop is hiking to Jeff City to get help as a homicide uptick is now in it's 3rd year.

Check the links from today . . .

KSHB: Man shot, killed at KCMO residence

KMBC: KCPD investigating homicide near 27th and Benton

Fox4: Shooting victim found next to truck also struck with bullets

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget that there was also a double digit murder hike last year as well.

Anonymous said...

27th and Benton? No freaking way. Such a nice part of town.

Anonymous said...

There it is again, Benton Blvd, the MLK of KC.

Anonymous said...

If mayor bullhorn put half as much effort into helping solve this problem as he does on anything related to what we don't want it would be rainbows and unicorns in this town! LMAO!!!!

Anonymous said...

In response to the continuously rising violence in the black community, the mayor has appointed a commission to study expanding the street car line despite a citywide public no vote on the issue.

Anonymous said...

Well , at least it wasn't on the Plaza . I guess the Amish folk are saving the Plaza dump inner city youth scholar's fun and games for the weekend . Better chance then to Robb rape carjacking shoot stab mug and beat down the normal white human beings should they are willing to risk their white human ass .

Anonymous said...

Yes!! More OT!

Anonymous said...


Mayor James proposes to turn over exclusive KCMO municipal policing duties to Burns and McManaged for the next 30-35 years in a contract worth BILLIONS!

James reports that crime will go down, taxes will stay the same, and KCMO will finally become a "world-class" city.

He's urging the Council to approve the no-bid contract by the end of the week. related news, Burns and McManaged have named Sylvester James to their Board of Directors and proffered a guaranteed income for life.

Anonymous said...

Wrong 10:11 With all the convention and new development and this influx of International travelers into KCMO he promised a tax refund.

Anonymous said...

The answer is obviously to build a new airport.

Anonymous said...

And a convention center. With a gun range!

Anonymous said...

Do you think the SHOT show or NRA convention will come here, central midwest USA? NFY They have been in Indy, Louisville, Alanata, Vegas etc. Biggest show going. Midwest USA in Columbia is a major sponsor, Lake City Arms In Blue Springs makes 90%+ of all military ammo. Honeywell in south Grandview keeps us sleeping safe every night. Sly wants to build a convention center for the Avon gals and an airport for a "destination" eating and shopping area, PFFFFTTTTT. Nobody eats nor shops at an airport unless they have to or they need a last minute souvenir. Sly needs a prison cell with Kawamee Kilpatrick.

Anonymous said...


Everybody who's concerned about the rise in KCMO / Jackson County Crime seriously should personally Confront this Degenerate pathetic KCMO Mayor SLY JAMES at a City Hall Council Meeting !!!


That supposed "SHOT Spotter Tracker" really isn't working to good that the City of KCMO managed to "Hose the Tax Payers" for the last few years, WHY ???????

Thought that KCMO City Earnings Tax was "supposed" to provide for more public Saftey and police officers in crime ridden areas, WHY did SLY JAMES LIE to everybody and where did the MONEY (tax dollars) Really go ????????

Sly James tell more Lies & Bullshit !!!

Ask KCMO Mayor Sly James and Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker, how that "SOFT on Crime" Liberal Agenda is really working out , huh ????

Young Black Thugs going around doing DRIVE BY SHOOTINGS and murdering Kids and Car Jackings, and they've got priors and outstanding warrants ???

That Liberal "SOFT ON CRIME" agenda that they purposed and cater & pander to so much, Has SLY JAMES and Jean Peters Baker personally helped cover the Funeral & Burial Expenses of those Murdered Children out of their own Pockets ?????

WHY NOT ??????

Why is KCMO City Hall and the rest of the city Departments still in utter Chaos after this Mayor Sly James has held office this many years ????

Whats the problem Sly James, you that inept & Incompetent ????

Explain to everybody Mayor Sly James WHY that lady who appeard on the news recently has spent the last 15 years trying to get her neighbors Blighted property taken care of, but the city of KCMO claims theres nothing they can do, why is that ?????

WHY is your city of KCMO so inept & incompetent at everything they do, except when it comes to LYING and Raising TAXES and misappropriating Funds for your personal agendas ?????????????

WHY SLY JAMES and City Council do you LIE to the Citizens of this city and State legislators constantly ??????

WHY is your city, KCMO so damn TRASHY looking with TRASH everywhere, alongside roadways, under bridges, vacant houses etc.

What kind of MAYOR Leader are YOU when this city is in such a mess and your letting your THUGS Murder kids with very little consequences ?????????

MAYOR give me 1 good reason, WHY I should SUE your Degenerate worthless Ass , or take you out back and beat the livin' Shit out of you ????????????

Anonymous said...

Why is it the mayor's fault that black people don't qualify as human?

This is simple genetics.

Dukey said...

Stop wasting money on dog n pony street malarkey get tuff on shitheels get big on policing