Thursday, May 18, 2017


More deets on brutal allegations from one of the worst metro towns in the Kansas City area . . .

Independence woman beat to death with bat

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - A woman is charged with murder after another woman was beaten to death with a baseball bat in her Independence home Tuesday. Courtney A. Hackney, 32, is charged with second-degree murder and armed criminal action. Holly Barnett was found dead at her residence on Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

With a name like Hackney, I guess you'd expect her to be able to handle a bat.

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Anonymous said...

I know Courtney from a couple of years ago. She was a drug addict, homeless and a prostitute. I tried to help her get her life together but she disappeared and apparently went down south. She was never violent or anything like this at all. She had to of been on the drugs much much worse and out of her mind to do what she did. She used drugs but was always nice and kept to herself.. never in a million years would I come across news of her murdering a family member. I looked up her name in Google out of curiosity on where she may had went to and if I could see how she was doing. She needed professional help but never did and things got worse. Very sad for her innocent Aunt and it's not fair that she lost her life because Courtney didn't get the help she needed. I'm in shock and can't believe she lost her mind and was capable of doing what she did. If I know her at all, she will live the rest of her life in deep regret and sadness for her actions. She deserves everything she gets, even after prison she should not find any peace for the rest of her life.. she took another person's life from her drug use that she could have received help for so that something this awful wouldn't have ever happened. Shame on her and she should start praying if she wants to be allowed into heaven rather then hell where she now is going. Sickening and makes me want to puke knowing that I know Courtney, tried to help her and she is a murderer. Unreal. I feel pain for the family and hope they can heal from this eventually. They will have to learn to forgive her for what she did to be able to heal the wound but I don't see how they could, really hard.

Prayers for the family.

Courtney I'm sure you are sober now and I hope you have deep sadness and pain every day for taking someone's life. Your life should be over and you never get the chance to have a normal life. Wow.