Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Here's an upbeat spin on the recent bond victory that was really won by way of stoners, doggie lovers and special interests dominating a relatively low turnout election. Checkit:

How a Citizen Satisfaction Survey Led to an $800 Million Bond to Fix Kansas City's Infrastructure

After residents shared low levels of satisfaction in Kansas City's aging infrastructure, the City proposed an $800 million repair plan. Residents backed it with their votes and their tax dollars, a testament to the trust the City has built through community engagement.


Anonymous said...

Idiot City

Anonymous said...

I thought Bo was more intelligent then this.

Anonymous said...

Sure. A tax increase is a raise for the negroes, because they don't pay taxes but they live on the taxpayers expense.

Anonymous said...

Geezers post & vote but who cares? They'll be dead soon.

Anonymous said...

Sly and others race around the country at taxpayer expense spinning their great stories about all the wonderful things that THEY'RE doing and what a cutting-edge vibrant urban wonderland KCMO is turning into.
Then, if folks from elsewhere in the country actually visit, the first question is, "What's all the excitement about?"
A few restaurants and bars, mostly national chains, some apartments, and a two-mile long streetcar.
Where's the beef?
These online "publications" are easy to take for a ride, because most of them wouldn't be caught dead actually visiting flyover country.
And they desperately want more hits so they serially claim that city after city is NUMBER ONE.
What a clueless joke.

Anonymous said...

Did someone old run over your cat or something? Talk about obsessed.

Anonymous said...

KCMO, full of Degenerate Communist Liberals are are NAIVE Clueless Dipshits !

and also staffed with Degenerate naive Commie Lib'tard Reporters who couldn't report any Truth & Facts, if it bit them in the Ass !!!

PRIME Example :

5/10/2017 - out of the 4 major Local KC News networks, only 1 had the intelligence to report on the recent NEW KCP&L Rate increase that's going to be raising your Electric Bill, yet again !!

The other shit news stations
CH 5
CH 4
all like to keep you in the dark , naïve & clueless as to the real important issues & facts that'll affect you and your family & community.

and all this is done on purpose by the "Communist Liberal Reporters" working inside the "Liberal Media" !!

Thank God for TONYS KC for some real truth outside of the bullshit liberal media !!!