Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Commish Ann Murguia: Fast Food Lunch Lady

Here's a serving subsidy, talk of conflict and some horrible lunchtime fare for students thanks to deregulation:

KC Biz Journal: WyCo fast food proposal may get healthy helping of incentives

Money line:

(KCK Commish Ann) Murguia, who is also the paid executive director of a nonprofit community development corporation called the Argentine Neighborhood Development Association, has been criticized by Mayor Mark Holland in the past for alleged conflicts of interest in seeking UG funds for projects ANDA was involved in.

But Murguia, who recused herself from Monday’s committee discussion about the fast-food project, said no UG ethics review has ever resulted in a conflict finding against her. In addition, she noted, her agency’s only financial tie to ABC’s fast-food development would be ANDA’s donation of the federal grant money it secured for the project.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Is this newsworthy Tony or do you just want to bang her? Better ask rj samuels

Anonymous said...

I swear her pic looks like a (much) younger Lara Moritz from ch 9.

Anonymous said...

Can you spell ABC with out ANN Murguia

Anonymous said...

If ABC is the NBR for Argentine
And the UG gave them $500,000 to build Housing
Why are the investing that money in Turner

Anonymous said...

12:38---That's the first thing I thought also. Yummy.

Anonymous said...

This was a paid political announcement sponsored by the TKC Latino political promotion club.

Anonymous said...

Yada, yada and more yada from the UG. If companies don't get free hand outs from tax payers, they're not interested. The entire Legends area was built on bribes and lies. Annie just wants her fair share. Different day, same crap. That's why we refer to all of them as the Unified Crooks of Wyandotte County.

Why aren't' other KS counties screaming over the lost tax revenue while the corp welfare programs thrive in WyCo?