Friday, April 28, 2017

Will KCMO Westport Plexpod Succeed???

To be fair, TKC didn't think that they'd ever get the thing built . . . But now the co-working experiment is underway in an embattled part of town that might not have the same appeal as similar trendy fake work enclaves . . . Read more:

Here's How One Kansas City Middle School Transformed Into A Co-Working Space

In 2010, Kansas City Public Schools closed nearly 30 schools, mostly because of declining enrollment and a budget deficit. Some of these buildings are still in limbo, and others have been sold, leased, or mothballed for future use. At the former Westport Middle School at 200 E.

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Anonymous said...

The renovation was truly stunning. So glad they were able to wrest the building away from the KCPS.