Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Kansas City White Privilege Conference Conversation Continues . . .

For the record, local newsies are finding that it's tough to get anybody to go on the record about this hot mess other than organizers . . .

White Privilege Conference coming to KC - organizers say event is not what it sounds like

Thousands of people are coming to Kansas City this week for a White Privilege Conference...only organizers say the event is not what it sounds like. This is a national conference. The premise - Americans of many groups remain divided because of bias built into systems. Founder Eddie Moore, Jr.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure this is EXACTLY what it sounds like. If any local, state, or federal money is being used to further this misguided effort, taxpayers should be infuriated. This is finger pointing, hate/shame-mongering, and divisiveness disguised as "education".

Anonymous said...


Committee To Reestablish Slavery
--by the Southern Grand Wizards

German Aryans Build Master Race
--by Berlin Engineers For Solidarity

How To Get The Red Out
--Western Cavalry's Final Charge

Intellectual Purge
--Mao On The March

Anonymous said...

@8:56, you're about 180 opposite of what the conference is: a "bad whitey" conference. To me, it's exactly what it sounds like, a prog org for those with so much white guilt they just have to get out and tell other whiteys how bad they are. I guess to someone who doesn't know/understand the progressive agenda, or hasn't paid attention to the local news, on its face it "could" be misinterpreted as a "white power" conference. I assure you, its anything but.

Anonymous said...

Just a pack of slugs who can't accomplish jack shit in a modern world so they want to spend their energies bitching abut whitey. When are they going to have a, "Lets keep dumb blacks in school past the 9th grade", conference?

Byron Funkhouser said...

^^White men are assholes.^^

They stack the deck in their favor, & then deny that they have the advantage.

Anonymous said...

Whitey is the one who trashes my neighborhood with empty liquor bottles and fast food wrappers everywhere. Whitey is the one killing all the fine young black men on the east side. He is the one who keeps my kids from attending school. He is why I have 4 children with 4 baby daddies and have never been married. Whitey puts restrictions on my EBT card so that I can't go to the boats or buy lottery tickets and become really, really rich. Whitey unreasonably thinks I am responsible for my own life and my kids instead of just taking care of my every need and demand. It's all Whitey's fault.

Anonymous said...

It's time for a ass fucking from the mud shark

Anonymous said...

Hey Byron white people built this country while blacks have sat on they're asses and bitched for 1oo years

Anonymous said...

Byron is a bitch boy who needs to work for a living instead of using a racist card for everything TYPICAL LIB SHIT

Anonymous said...

Byron... your comments on the issue are nothing but black hatred! And Byron you are Kansas City's worst! If you hate whites so bad MOVE to an all black community or leave the country.

Walk into city hall or any federal government office in the city and you will see mostly black people working and if you have worked for any of these offices you will see black people rule when it comes to grievances. They will always get their way ALWAYS!

On the east side a real estate agent was lost and you black people started to intimate her by surrounding her vehicle.
When was the last time you saw a white person kill or hurt someone in KC, and when was the last time you saw or heard of a black person killing or hurting someone in KC??? Before MAC came in and cleaned up Armour Blvd You black people surrounded a group of whites that were doing nothing more than talking about restoration in the park at 35th and thanks to you blacks, that park is now closed because of killings, drug running, and blacks that pissed and shit right in broad daylight. I was there I saw you people do all of this.

Bryon YOU have the same advantage as anyone else probably more in this day and age. You have just as much opportunity as anyone else, don't blame white people because you are too LAZY to get off of your ass.

Stack the deck in our favor makes no sense and you can't elaborate on your statement because you have NO basis.

Keep spreading the HATE BYRON, it seems you love the violence, and are in need of lots of attention. VERY SAD

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

9:12 comment, you definitely don't understand my humor!

Let's try again:

A White Privilege Conference held by a collection of angry blaming blacks, social justice lesbians, liberal white Jews, etc.

is like

the KKK holding a conference to reestablish slavery
German engineers holding a conference to plan a master race

You know exactly what the message is going to be, before the first word is spoken.

Erik Stafford said...
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Anonymous said...

Did Byron just call himself an asshole?

Anonymous said...

...like he needed to announce it???