Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Fear Missouri Baby Killing Crackdown Cont'd

In fairness, here's "progressive" coverage offering insight into why infanticide "access" is a good thing. Take a look:

Despite legal opposition, Missouri Republicans determined to limit women's access to abortions

Missouri lawmakers are hellbent on making sure that women in the state are unable to obtain abortions and it seems that nothing will stop them. With GOP leaders emboldened by the new Trump era of politics (which means even more open misogyny than...


Anonymous said...

Time to explain to women what causes abortion. I know it takes a PHD to learn to take birth control or keep the ol' bloomers fastened, but God created fucking for a reason. I know you are smart. You can figure it out.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Yet, more men telling women what to do.

Pro-Life = Anti-Choice = Anti-Freedom

'You will have your father's child, against your wishes, because of my religious beliefs.'

In America, this is called freedom.

Anonymous said...

10:15=Idiot and virgin.

Anonymous said...

Der Funkhouser will lead the book burning at 5:00.

Anonymous said...

For a boon brain like Funkhouser (and the pussies that subscribe to his shit
) murder will always be about having freedom. Fuck scruples. That is the society his kind just love. He will see no limits until he is on the receiving end of like thinkers and their barbarian crap. All we can hope for is that he and his fake pals are soon to be able to test their philosophies.