Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Fear The Kansas City Turkey Day Content Mill

Newsies want to enjoy the holidays as well and just a quick glimpse at the Kansas City discourse right now reveals that very people are engaged in a vibrant discussion of important issues . . . Thanksgiving in this town is mostly comprised of desperate people humble bragging on their favorite social media outlet.

The local journalists class is no different when confronting this day of culturally mandated gratitude and right now we want to offer a sneak peek at hacks journalists employ to make their jobs just a bit easier.

Newsies Across The Nation Pretend That Trump Talk Ruins Thanksgiving For Families That Were Already Dyfuctional

Hipsters confronting their families after the Trump win has been the MSM narrative of choice which only reveals the disconnect between mainstream newsies and not only the world but also their home life. Fact is, very few people are crying over Hillary, most people only like Trump for his entertainment value and personal drama has always manifested in politics at the dinner table or amid cable news talk show chatter.

Kansas City Newsies HATE The Plaza Lights

Counting numbers, protesters or local celebs . . . Look closely and watch local newsies dying a little bit inside when talking about the Plaza lights that lose most of their luster after the 2nd time.

Nobody Cares About Kansas City Charities

Dedication to social justice and community volunteerism makes for boring news. During this holiday season so many locals say they want nice news about people being good to each other those stories are almost always summarily ignored in favor of more controversial topics or stories about squirrel attacks.

We Love The Troops But Their Stories Are Usually Just Filler And Propaganda

Word of homecomings, hardships or even upcoming wars . . . The public doesn't really care as evidenced by the fact that even a conservative think tank describes the U.S. military as "marginal" and nobody really seemed to notice. Don't get it twisted, just about every decent person supports the troops who protect their freedoms in theory but the reality of their lives and the challenges which they confront are regularly dismissed by the overwhelming majority of the American public.


The latest point-in-time count, which is compiled every January, showed there were about 40,000 homeless veterans left to house, and 13,000 of those veterans live on the streets, according to VA and HUD estimates released Aug. 1.

There are most likely more than 40,000
, because the count didn't include veterans who are newly homeless or veterans who have vouchers and can't find housing.

Even worse, homeless female veterans are the latest trend . . . Saddest fact: The military industrial complex is in no way prepared to help lady veterans with their medical issues.

Moving on . . .

Celebrate The Local Turkey Day List

Guilty . . . The listicle is the greatest sign that newsies, bloggers and Internets denizens of all kinds are delving into the pit of their soul to find something to post even if the shared stream of consciousness is only to entertain Trump voters who are still somehow angry even after their candidate won. Go figure.

More for the morning update . . . STAY TUNED!!!


Anonymous said...

lots of worthwhile news out there for everyone to cover. #noturkeyphotos

Try harder.

Anonymous said...

Bring back the draft!

Anonymous said...

"...there were about 40,000 homeless veterans left to house, and 13,000 of those veterans live on the streets, according to VA..."

Anyone want to guess the percentage of these homeless vets who have actually been housed by the VA??? The answer is zero.

The VA's idea of spending tax payer money allocated for homeless vets is to give them a flu shot and hire more bureaucrats to sit on their fat overstuffed asses and collect statistics.

Your tax dollars at work.