Thursday, November 03, 2016

Celebrate Flyover Country Politics

We'd like to think that the election struggles in our region are important but that fact is that more people are interested in the Cubs game last night . . . Even locally.

But that doesn't mean this stuff isn't important given that MSM, politicos and most consumer efforts are dedicated to keeping the public stupid.

Accordingly, we humbly offer these Kansas and Missouri topics for brief consideration and further research which is more than any other local media outlet is willing to do.

Take a peek:

Show-Me The Voting Future
Secretary of State candidates weigh in on Missouri's voter ID proposal
Quiz On Cancer Stix
Guess Who Supports And Who Opposes Tax Increases On Cigarettes In Missouri
Show-Me Loser Lying Ted Visit
Ted Cruz joins Missouri GOP candidates for rallies in Springfield, Joplin
Trump Effect Reexamined After TKC Post
Trump's popularity aids other Republicans in Missouri
Witness The Missouri Political Wunderkind
A day on the campaign trail with Jason Kander
Kansas Court Fight Consideration
State Judicial Elections Become Political Battlegrounds
Rage And Carr Brothers Remembrance
Kansas families speak out against Kansas Supreme Court
Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Give those judges a permanent vacation. We need to clean house once in a while. This the year. If you have doubts read about the Carr brothers.
Send that Blunt to jail and then send him home.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the final nail in the Kansas coffin is to vote out the current judges and let Brownback pack the supreme court with 5 replacements to rubber stamp his terrible ideas.

Brownback and his cronies are still finding new ways to fuck over Kansas.