Sunday, September 04, 2016

Kansas City Quixotic Interpretive Dance!!!

This recent video features low budget artsy performance from the denizens of Kansas City's creative class amid a variety of local landmarks.

From the director . . .

"Quixotic integrates some of KC’s top movement artists into a single cohesive form of expression. Inspired from urban environments and hidden locations within the city, “Collide” captures the inner core of what drives our dancers."

"So honored to have worked with Quixotic Fusion! "Collide" was filmed on my iPhone 6S."

Take a look:

More in a bit . . .


JoCoPost said...

Absolutely sensational!!!!

Flawlessly produced--on an iPhone 6, as well. Superb dancing!!!!! Locations really showcased graffiti as an art form; the music track was excellent--supported the dancers. And not too short of a loop. Hard to find good free music.

Great scouting of locations--loved the trains going by in the background. Got nervous when I saw them jump/exchange on the abandoned bridge across the Missouri River --but all went well. I assume it really was kinda raining with a bit of sun--for parts of it, because the team would not have had access to a hose or water source to fake that.

This should be entered into film festivals, including KIFF, the Kansas International Film Festival at the Glenwood Arts, Nov. 4-10, in the shorts category. Also enter it into True/False in Columbia ( for next March's film festival there.


Anonymous said...

Stop trying to monopolize TKC Tracy, you're pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a bunch of unemployed Peckerheads trying to work up a good dump.

Tracy Thomas at said...

Comments are for adding value and info to the conversation.
You are off topic.
Not trying to monopolize.
It just stands out because you are too lazy, or afraid, to sign your comments.

Go dance like a squirrel.

Now that was one of Tony's bestest photo illustrations, I must say.

See how I circled back to the TOPIC???

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Nicely done. I like Tracy's comment. Not sure what to think of these dancers. Some of them are great, others not so much.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to be able to participate in arts, but someone in this town actually needs to work and produce something so the other 40 percent can sit on their asses, paint, play music, dance and shit.

Anonymous said...


Redhead who'll go out on a limb and turn tricks, as long as she gets your nuts!!!