Monday, August 22, 2016


The Trump campaign organization is growing stronger as Missouri might move back to its bellwether roots. Checkit:

STL NPR: "In a sign that Donald Trump may be concerned about his political strength in Missouri, the Republican presidential nominee has tapped two veteran GOP operatives to head up his state operation. Aaron Willard, who has held several key posts in the Republican-controlled General Assembly, is Trump’s new state director. Todd Abrajano, a consultant with similar GOP ties, is to serve as Trump’s communications director . . ."

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Developing . . .


JoCoPost said...

What, not Jeff Roe?!!!!!!

I read this weekend that the other big operative in the Cruz campaign got a big, big correspondent's job. While Jeff Roe, since he drove the Cruz campaign into a ditch, has slugged his way back on his belly (insert mental image here) to Missouri to his Boy Scout pup tent...

To date, Roe has eaten 45,678 somemores around his Lonely Loser's campfire.

Of course it is widely believed, (since he bragged about it) that Roe was the so-called "mastermind" in Iowa, who stole Iowa for Cruz. From Trump. By ordering lying phone calls falsely claiming that Ben Carson had dropped out of the race, and trying to convert those Iowa caucus voters to Mr. "I Can't Get Along with ANYone, not even Dr. Seuss, Ted Cruz.

So, no big boy national job for you, Jeff Roe. Altho Ryan Lockte, the disgraced Olympic swimmer, and 32 year old "boys will be boys" potty door demolition man, needs a publicist.... If that guy can rap, maybe Jeff Roe can rehab Lochte's reputation.

PS, I beat Jeff Roe twice. BiState II (outspent 119 to 1) and Big Soccer.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^^You're so pathedic

Anonymous said...

If someone had wrote a comment like that about you Tracy, calling you in so many words a slut/cunt, who crawls around giving blow jobs like a whore, while gorging yourself on on all the BBC you could find, it would not be OK'd for posting by you on your site.

But you sure like coming over here to TKC where you can post and say what you want.

Tracy likes that thing called Free Speech, long as it don't pertain to herself or her hallucinating thoughts.

JoCoPost said...

Oh look! It's 5:51, aka Craig Scholes! The new tubby hubby of Krista Turner, Worst HOA President Ever, as described on my blog!
Engineer for wooden swingsets to the stars!!!
And co-host of his own podcast that has 16 subscribers!!!!!!(honest--who can make that up?)

Hi, neighbor. Are ya in your new mancave??? Shouldn't you be cooking dinner for the breadwinner?

JoCoPost said...

5:51--Craig Scholes:
Mr. bad grammar from being schooled as you say on the wrong side of the tracks in Pittsburg, Ks.: It's if somebody HAD WRITTEN, not HAD WROTE. I guess the future anterior tense escaped you.

Craig, own your words. I do. I told the truth about Jeff Roe, who I beat in two elections, despite him sucking up $3 million in political contributions from the owners of Cerner and the Hunt family, trying to fleece the public.

Craig, what have you ever, ever done to make this either a better community or saved us tax dollars? Nothing.

You sit in your little cubicle all day, with your Royals Slugger statuette, reading Tonys during the day --does your boss know? You live for sports teams. Pathetic. Because you never do anything! Haven't seen you at a cleanup day at our HOA.

You know, there aren't that many "wooden swingset manufacturers" in KC. Easy to find you. oh yeah, have you gotten your car titled here in Joco yet? Or still cheating the taxpayers, pretending you live at your Mom's in cheaper Pittsburg.

No yard sign at your house. But according to your pathetic boring podcast, you are for Shrillary. Figures. Sounds like your new wife at home.

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

BOOM!!!! I like this gal

Anonymous said...


Calm down and go doosh the sand from your twat. You are embarrassing yourself.

- Craig S.