Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Do We Need More Kansas City Deadly Police Shooting Oversight?!?

A call to action from this crew of social justice advocates that raise their concerns over a number that is not counted in local homicide stats. You decide:

KC group intensifies calls for independent monitor on police shootings


Anonymous said...

I thought appointing tired, old, feeble Alvin Brooks as a police commissioner was going to turn all of that around. This guy has skirted by his entire life on news promos with no results whatsoever and folks revere him as if he has contributed to society in any way. Hiring a Black police chief was also done with the same purpose in mind. Picking people based soley on color still hasn't panned out for Black Kansas City. In fact, I can't name one single success story when the sole determing factor is race.

Anonymous said...

Of the hundreds of members of the black community who have been killed by gunfire over the last decade, how many have been killed in encounters with the police?
MORE2 and other similar one-issue groups are great at separating the wheat from the chaff...
and then focusing endlessly on the chaff.
Of course, when you're a hammer, the whole world's a nail.
There have been 52 homicides this year in KCMO.
Most of them have been east of Troost.
Focus on what you can do about preventing more of those.

Anonymous said...

Even with high ammo prices, police shooting lifetime criminals is a good investment for civilized society.