Monday, June 16, 2014

Road To Democracy FAIL: Show-Me NOBODY Voting On Missouri Transportation Tax

Newspaper notice of American Democracy FAIL: Turnout may affect Missouri transportation sales tax vote

Encouraging the public to weigh in on deciding how the cash is spent: MoDOT encourages Missourians to weigh in on ballot measure

Alternative ideas: User Fees Are A Better Way To Fund State Roads

Show-Me The Tax Fight . . . Republicans: Nixon cries wolf over tax measures


Anonymous said...

Well, well, if it isn't the Koch Brothers' mouthpiece coming home to roost.

Suck 'em dry dude.

Anonymous said...

Before Missouri can charge for road usage they are going to have to build at least on pro class road. I-70 sure as hell isn't it. It should have been double widened over a decade ago and now is not much more than a traffic jam from KC to St. Louis. Maybe the state should have built a few less sports stadiums, given a few less tax breaks to bastard school kids, shifted 40 percent of those property taxes towards roads and acted like fucking grown ups instead of den mothers for the welfare state.

Anonymous said...

Tolls are coming back to pay for trolleys and state taxes owed ! Get your change purse ready folks, the old sly fox got a plan!

Anonymous said...

OH, I'll be voting. You can bet on that....A BIG FAT NO.

Anonymous said...

MoDOT will spend millions on this campaign, none of which is required to be reported as a campaign expenditure. Of course it's all just "informational" they never actually tell citizens how to vote. That would be violating the law. Meanwhile any group opposing the vote will be hounded by the Ethics Commission for every little technicality.

Anonymous said...

It is lawful because no one has ever taken the case forward. The information is always to pass the tax and does not allow room for information that does not support the tax

the information is defacto seeking a yes vote by its content and absence of any information that is not favorable for a tax.

The list of improvements they promise if the tax is passed it only a wish list. The promised improvements are not a part of the ballot and therefore can not be enforced improvement if the tax passes.

Rest assured a bunch of uniformed idiots buying the lies and hoping for a job that will never materialize and greedy business yokes and thousands of union guys hoping to pour one yard of union concrete will spend tons of union dues money and fight hard to pass this unfair tax on Missourians.

There will be no funded or organized opposition and the stupid MO voters will pass a regressive tax that hurts seniors and poor people the most. It might just drive some businesses away.