Sunday, May 11, 2014

KC J-School: The Making Of JCC Tragedy

For Kansas City news watchers, here's a nice look at how a media savvy local managed the media potral of his family in the face of tragedy . . .

‘We spoke from the heart’: how a former journalist influenced coverage of his family members’ killings

Money quote . . .

"Will Corporon realized he had a job to do, and called on skills he’d honed in the 10 years he spent as a TV photographer, producer, assignment editor and news director. The killings of his kin had become a national, even international, story and he would make certain it was told right."

In a high profile tragedy like this one, this story serves to remind everyone that hiding away from media is a mistaken and instead just dealing with the reality of the hivemind is much easier and a far more effective way to manage stories the the public is soon to forget anyway.

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