Thursday, April 03, 2014

Clean Your Filthy And Embarrassing Drunken Kansas Driving Record In Half The Time!!!

Good news for once from the Kansas Statehouse: Proposed KS house bill would cut wait time in half for DUI expungement


Anonymous said...

Hey, that's great. Encourage everybody to carry a goddam gun. Make a DUI conviction less of a hassle. Quality-of-life legislation to make Kansas, asshole of the United States, an even better place to make fun of.

Anonymous said...

Thank god! Those madd types are turning into real zellots. 5 years will catch the repeat offenders, quit the harrasment of those with just one offense. Let the cops go after those Colorado heathens instead. Or better yet, post a 24/7 contingent around that boobie statue to keep people from seeing it!