Friday, March 28, 2014

Bryana Holly Begins Kansas City Friday

Bryana Holly and her hottie lingerie modeling work inspires this collection of Kansas City mainstream media links.

Check it:

- Kansas City Toy Train Cost Estimates By Corridors: Independence Ave. $142.5 mil, Linwood Blvd. $117 mil, Main Street $212.4 mil

- Local Steps: Kansas City Dancing with the Stars is sashaying for charity

- Baseball Bright Side . . . Royals flush: Six reasons why it will be Kansas City's year

- Meth Town Power Play: Independence council candidates diverge on utility issue

- Lesson In Old And Busted Institution Ambition: Six running for three contested seats on KC school board

- Show-Me Sharking: Missouri lawmakers consider payday loan legislation

- Mayor Pro Tem Cindy Circo Can't Help: Dispute could lead to higher rates for many Missouri customers of KCP&L

- Suburban Ding: Golf ball-sized hailstones chip away at homes and cars, leaving needed repairs

- Maybe Art For A Good Cuase: Art Bra KC preview pop-up installation “Garden of Hope” unveils April 1st Legends Outlets

- Local Latino Movie Makers: 'Cesar Chavez' movie a labor of love for Olathe power couple

- Rock Chalk Second Guessing: Embiid, Self deny Yahoo Sports report of NBA Draft declaration

- The Kansas City Weekend According To McTavish

And this is the OPEN THREAD to start to morning . . .


Anonymous said...

Claire Dont Care Bout' Nothing But Claire!!!

Anonymous said...

Cashill smokes pole

Anonymous said...

Cesar Chavez, wasn't he a mexican boxer ?

Anonymous said...

I think Cashill/Dunne is suggesting women covering the cost of abortion by using a coat hanger to save Bobby Lobby money

Anonymous said...

I saw Cashill at on the Hampton Inn Nazi video

Anonymous said...

I saw Cashill at on the Hampton Inn Nazi video

Anonymous said...

jack cashill was enlightened by his Meeting wirh nazi David Irving at the Plaza Hampton Inn

Anonymous said...

Interesting the day the Plaza gets a free water pump for the horse fountain that Nazi David Irving would be speaking to Jacl Cashill at a book signing at the Plaza Hampton Inn