Thursday, January 16, 2014

Show-Me Healthcare Conscience Bill

So I'm hoping nobody objects to one of my lady friends getting DDD chesticle implants. Here's the damage: "Missouri House Speaker Tim Jones plans to file legislation that would let health care workers refuse to participate in procedures that violate their ethical or religious beliefs.

Also, here's hoping reactionary doctors will show a bit of a conscience when it comes to paying what Obamacare doesn't cover.


Anonymous said...

Maybe speaker Jones will let the thinking people in KC and StL opt out of continuing to subsidize the economies of outstate, Americaniban bastions like Eureka.

Talk about makers- the 2 cities, aka the conomic engines of the state - and takers - the hillbillies in Dumbfuckistan, Mizzourah.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, the hospitals will be required to put a sign up that says, "We practive 88% of medicine here. During your stay, we will refuse to honor the following medical procedures. Yes, its your body and life, but its our hospital."

Anonymous said...

The little baby in the womb said: Man this is a dangerous place to be...inside my mommy.