Sunday, March 24, 2013

Show-Me Nevada, MO Photo Essay

KC with a Russian Accent takes his game on the road: Driving Missouri: Nevada


Anonymous said...

Nevada has that Cottey College, girls school and just not much else..

Anonymous said...

I went to school at Cottey. It was the most boring town I have ever lived in. It also smelled like sulfur every night. These pics make it look nicer than it is to live there, though.

Anonymous said...

Ah, then you know about the "townies"??

Anonymous said...

Gotta eat at White's Grill. Great food there.

Stephen Biles said...

1. 98% of the population is white, the other 2% are Irish.
2. 5% of the population are Amish, not a joke just surreal.
3. Whenever a business closes, be it a Pizza Hut, QuickTrip, or ALDIs; it always gets turned into a church.
4. A "Gay bar" isn't a tavern, but an actual metal bar used to beat up gays.
5. 2G is considered high speed internet.

6. Delway Burgers is owned by a former professional George W Bush impersonator. Surprising to have the former President bring out your burger.
7. Being Mayor is a part time job.
8. Morbidly Obese is the average weight class.
9. Border line MR is the average IQ.
10. The local Dollar Tree has a wedding registry

Anonymous said...

Cottey College RULES!!!

Anonymous said...

I remember Cottey girls gave the best head in the State.

A bud of mine who went to MO State said he would go there every now and then and pick up a few freshmen girls there. They would make out and give him head and bang either at their place or in his car.

I came to visit him one time and we went there. Boy was he right. Some blond girl there sucked me off something fierce. After a few min, we banged in the back seat of car.

I wonder if his as changed?

Anonymous said...

Probably not. It used to be Cocksucker College before they changed the name to Cottey..