Wednesday, May 12, 2010


TKC NOTE: Thanks to KICKASS TKC TIPSTERS we can more completely understand an important development in Jackson County politics that has been developing over the past few weeks. The reasons speak to the level of frustration in County politics. Read the statement in its entirety for yourself.


Here's the text of the cover letter. Check it:

Mary Jo Spino
Clerk of the Jackson County Legislature

Dear Ms. Spino:

The lies and innuendos that have been spewed by Crystal J. Williams do not belong in the political discourse. I entered this race because it was an opportunity to empower the black community by electing an African American woman to the Jackson County Legislature. The Second District At-Large seat has a rich legacy in the black community, having once been occupied by attorneys Lee Vertis Swinton, Carol Coe, and Lisa White Hardwick.

My listing on the ballot and residency are now the subject of litigation and negative media coverage. Crystal J. Williams is suing me because we have similar names. A mere similarity in names should not require me to spend money to defend my right to run. Crystal J. Williams' lawsuit is similar to the Jim Crow practice of denying blacks access to the ballot by a poll tax.

My opponent does not have a monopoly on the name "Crystal Williams." My middle name is Krystal, and I have been called "Crystal" since I was a child. I am known as "Crystal" to many friends and family members. It is my understanding that under the law (State v. Crowe, 382 S.W.2d 38), I am allowed to be listed on the ballot using the name by which I am commonly known and what others call me.

Concerns about our similar names could be resolved during the campaign when we will be distinguished by race and positions. Surely the voters can differentiate between a black woman known as D. Crystal Williams and a white woman known as Crystal J. Williams.

Copies of a Missouri Attorney General memorandum and opinion supporting my right to be listed on the ballot using the name by which I am known are attached.

##### Highland has been my permanent residence for several years. It is my understanding that based on the law [State ex rei. King v. Walsh,484 S.W. 2d 641 (Mo bane. 1971)], I meet the residency requirements. Copies of my voter identification card and my state issued license, which verify my residence address, are attached.

Due to the harassment of my family and the costs of litigation, I am forced to and hereby withdraw from the Second District At-Large County Legislature race.
Crystal J. Williams cannot sue her way to victory because voters, especially African Americans, will remember her racist tactics in August.

Thank you,

D. Crystal Williams


Anonymous said...

Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

This is bs--I'm writing a check to Crystal J. Williams.
If "Krystal" is so pure and interested in running and serving, she'd stay in the race.

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for some pure crystal--this is awesome.

Hyperblogal said...

Yeah, a sincere candidate for office who avoids the press like a plague... she read the writing on the wall and got out of Dodge.

Kansas City Real Estate Examiner said...

Putting yourself in the company of the likes of Carol Coe, may not be the best political choice!

Anonymous said...

Nice letter, Clinton, Diane couldn't write that letter if her life depended on it. Did she ever make an appearance anywhere? Does she really even exist. Good luck Henry.

Anonymous said...

Rizzo is now completely fucked.

Anonymous said...

So, did her childhood friends call her "Crystal with a 'c'" - or did she just make that up in the letter? I'm thinking that she is playing the race card awfully hard. If they truly called her by that name, I don't see why they felt the need to change it from K to C.

Anonymous said...

She is a racist pig, and is probably mad because she only got paid if she stayed in the race. If she's a freaking lawyer, why is she so afraid of litigation? Is it because even the most stupid of JACO juries would see through her charade? Did the few friends she probably had as a child yell "Hey, Krystal, but with a C!" when they called to her?

African Americans, or any Americans, who are expected to believe this crap should be offended. I will be voting for Crystal J. Williams, because of this letter.

craig said...

There is still another African American woman on the ballot.
Patricia Flucas, but she apparently used her real name.
Sometimes the race card is the worst card in the deck to play.

Anonymous said...

true dat.

Anonymous said...

Yooo hoooo Tony? Where is the outrage over the kidnapping of a Hispanic woman by 3 Hispanic males? Wonder if they are 'legal' or if that info will even make the paper.

Or do you have only MWWS as well?

Anonymous said...

Why go to all the trouble to defend herself, with ase citations and all, if she quit?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lazy person that wants to get ahead without actually working for it.

Sometimes the abhorrent phrase 'typical black person' really does apply.

Radioman KC said...

Sounds like her dropping out of the race was the best thing for Jackson County politics... for it sounds to me like she's no more than the same petty, self absorbed kind like we've seen on the KCSD for so long.

She writes all that crap to the Clerk??? The CLERK???? Show's me that whoever this woman is, and I've never heard of her, has insufficient judgment to run for government.

Any letter to the Clerk should have just been a simple letter of withdrawing.

As in, "I (am forced to and) hereby withdraw my candidacy for the Second District At-Large County Legislature) race.

Moreover, the Clerk shouldn't care about all that whining and her litany should have been saved for another venue.

Tony, your story didn't exactly say what the issue was here.. wish y ou'd saved the overused mushroom cloud for a bit of explanation.

Do we have two Crystal Williams's running for the same legislative position? If so, that should have been in the second paragraph.

And just another reason, in my view, why Jackson County (and most every jurisdiction within it) isn't a fit place to live.

What a circus! The whole area (cities and county( seems to be filled with second rate candidates. Lord knows Tony, revealing stupidity must be a pretty easy job for you when you cover Missouri side politics!

After reading that diatribe, all I could do was to shake my head and be glad I don't live in JXCO!

Good Government demands said...

Will the real Crystal Williams please stand up? This is no more than an exit attack piece authored the devious Clinton Adams who is obviously trying to destroy the County like he did the school district. It figures that Rizzo the slime ball would be associated with him. Rizzo, your time has come and gone so take that has been or never was Clinton Adams with you. I hope the investigation continues so this attempt at fraud can be uncovered and the participants can be punished. They should not be allowed to go scott free because they withdrew.

Anonymous said...

This letter was written the way it was so that it could be "leaked" to TKC. This is another tactic by Rizzo to make his opponent look bad. It's sad really, that he has to depend on these nasty tricks and name games.

Tony and Rizzo are the best of butt buddies. Therefore, this letter was written purely for his blog, and not for the clerk.

Anonymous said...

Oh please, as an African American, I am insulted that Diane Williams is using her heritage as an excuse. She acts as if everyone is not smart enought to figure out the real story here.

Give us a break Rizzo!

toadstool_watcher said...

Diane Williams is a load of shit. Putting her family into the spot light as cover. What a worthless quivering ass.
THIS IS FREE POLITICAL PUBLICITY! for those that were actually running.
Get your ass gone you puny stalking horse Diane Williams.

And take Henry with you!