One of the biggest reasons I don't trust the so-called "paper-of-record" is because I always hear that they treat their own employees like crap. Even worse, the lower on the totem pole an employee ranks, the worse their treatment from co-workers and management seems to be . . . At least that's the scuttlebutt when it comes to news of The Star's pecking order.

There has been some previous reporting on how The Star screws over their carriers from Bottomline Communications.

But today I received a bit of inside info and EXCLUSIVE DETAIL related to The Star mismanaging and mistreating the people who put their paper on the street everyday. The emphasis added is mine:
"I'm a carrier for the Star. Just wanted to let you know from our end how bad things are for The Star.

Currently, we have District Representatives, who are in charge of about thirty carriers each, counting newspapers every morning. They get paid about forty thousand a year. They stand at the loading doors and county the newspapers for every carrier to make sure they don't take more than they are supposed to. That's how bad it is. The funny thing, they are the ones who get our paper count wrong, Then they sit around and smoke, in a building that is non-smoking, and do nothing for the rest of the night. Most nights we have about six District Reps. The Regional manager, who gets paid over sixty thousand a year, has only showed up once when the paper is delivered. He always works during the day, never the night. Most of the carriers would not recognize him if they saw him. Monday's paper has no add inserts, Tuesday's newspaper, only some of the routes get Kohl's inserts. They combined the distribution centers for the newspapers, so now there is only one for Johnson and Wyandotte counties. It is located at 106th and Pflumm in Lenexa. There are over 200 carriers in that location. Now they are going to lower our rates too. So now our paychecks will be getting less.

But they will still charge us a $1.00 for a complaint, or $5.00 for a wet paper.(Like we control mother nature.) They are using the carriers as another revenue source. I agree with you, they are not thinking at The Star.
Unfortunately, because of the digital revolution, the physical dead tree version of The Star isn't too much longer for this world . . . Or at least not daily . . . Nevertheless, this treatment of Star carriers is endemic of their whole organization. The Star regularly stomps on people with little power or influence and then trumpets their so-called journalistic integrity or credibility without even so much as an acknowledgment of their own sins.

Essentially, this speaks to my long standing point that The Star is a business just like any other and they have people confused (including themselves) that they are performing some kind of public service by pushing their agenda . . . This fact hits home even harder when it's obvious the organization has little respect for any of their workers . . . It's no wonder then that this cruel division of a national conglomerate trample on so many of Kansas City's diverse communities and start pouting as their influence fades away with the bygone era of print media.


  1. I visit The Star website some times. I get most of my news from Drudge and local TV.

  2. Man, what a bitch--I never thought about the carriers losing out-I just thought it was the staff in the newsroom getting the shaft. % bucks for 1 complaint, and you' have to deliver maybe 62 paper to make it up---KISS MY ASS YOU BITCHES--go deliver papers yourselves for that kind of bullshit! Why even bother? You'd make a better living. . .

  3. Um, they are independent contractors. This pathetic whiner needs move on. It's a tough economy for everyone so suck it up. It is absolutely none of this guys business what his client pays its people and anyone with the most basic understanding of contract law understands that charges for complaints are what are known as liquidated damages for nonperformance.

  4. What bullshit. Star reporters aren't nearly as smart when they're no one to deliver their paper.

  5. "trumpets their so-called journalistic integrity or credibility" sometimes it's like you are posting about yourself lol.

  6. I'm sure that, just like every job in the world, the delivery folks are having more expectations placed on them.

    But I have a thorn in my side about this issue. The whole reason I canceled my Star subscription is because the delivery person refused to put my paper on my covered porch (so it wouldn't get wet) and instead managed to break three of my sidewalk lights or toss it in my flower garden where I couldn't find it.

    I'm expected to do a good job when I go to work, and I couldn't understand why my delivery person refused to bend to a simple request like "put the paper on my covered porch"....

    So... I get my news from my DRY computer now. And I don't have to play the "where the hell is my paper today" game. And the Star lost someone who was a subscriber for 7 years.

  7. 6:41, you are what is wrong with America.

  8. The independent contractor nonsense mentioned by Anonymous 6:41 is a dodge newspaper companies came up with long ago to keep from paying benefits to carriers. They are employees in everything but name.

  9. For decades my KCSTAR was regularly delivered wet and rain soaked, despite call after call. "Throw it in the yard, not the drive" I would beg. That would last about a week, then back to the drive. The delivery people never got it - they treated the paper I paid for like trash. Then the editorial content dropped in quality until it matched. So after 30 years subscribing, I dropped it.

    Shame on you, KCSTAR. I didn't leave you - you left me.

  10. Fine that you put this on your site... its a great story, but you're just lucky on this one.

    This is going on all over the country. Companies in a time of high unemployment are QUICK to abuse their employees because they CAN.

    People who hide under the legal protections of the corporate environemnt (or government workers protected by laws protecting them individually)... they are QUICK to screw their fellow man.

    Why? Because they can get away with it. Face to face, look people in the eye relationships are long gone in business.

    HR departments are legally driven, motivated by risks and lawsuits and caselaw defining hostile work environments and ambiguous hurt feelings and legally protected groups.

    A handshake between one person and another in the workplace holds no weight in a society where there are far too many lawyers and not enough tort reform.

    The legal system and jury awards are insane!

    Only in America where the media has way too much influence...and appeals to emotion seem to override appeals to common sense and justice!

  11. Radioman you try and ruin every thread wherever you show up.

    This sucks and it sucks The Star is screwing over their carriers.

  12. quit delivering the star. problem solved.

  13. The Kansas City Star has independently audited circulation to protect the advertisers who cannot rely on empty promises of sales reps for the Star on circulation delivery.

    If indeed the Star is violating audit rules and regulations, the advertisers need to know and thankfully this circulation/distribution person brought that to their attention.

  14. Anonymouse 1012. Figure out a handle and start using it, for gods sake!

    You're too quick to react to my handle and not my words. I'm agreeing. Yes, the Star people ARE being screwed. Im simply adding that corporate America is doing it all over town, all over the country, because they CAN... in a time when so many people are out of work.

    Actually money is one thing. Too bad when people get laid off for real financial reasons. But aside from that, why are we just such assholes to each other when money doens't have anything to do with it?

    What is it about the HUMAN EGO that causes him to be MEAN SPIRITED?

    I always like to hope for good intentions when I deal with others. But over and over, they keep proving to me that they do NOT have good intentions.

    No wonder nobody trusts anybody anymore. No wonder there are so many lawyers!

    Please don't diss me just because I bring it up! I mean you no harm!


  16. Linking to a story over 2 weeks old? Wow..............slow news night?

  17. The Star needs to check out their night shift! I have a friend that works there at night and he spends most of his time working on projects for his house and other people -- using the Star's tools and being paid by the Star while he does his side jobs for extra money!

  18. radioman.......shut. the. fuck. up! nobody wants to read your bullshit here. go wank on your OWN shit site. faggot.

  19. -6:41, you are what is wrong with America.-

    Actually, I am what is right with America. The whiner's complaints clearly indicate they are not cut out to own their own business. If they want to spend their time complaining about about their "boss" they need to get an actual W-2 type job. Self employment has many freedoms, clearly this person doesn't understand them. Very few people are going to have actual full time, benefit paying, 35 years at the same company type careers anyway.

  20. haha...find your boss, cold cock him or her when going to their car, take wallet and valuables for a WIN!!!

  21. I canceled the Star because it took up too much room in my recycle bin. I was happy with my carrier.

    How does the Star justify making the "independent contractors"? I'm certain the IRS would consider them employees (calling a low-level employee is a common tax evasion tactic). If they are under the direct supervision of Star salaried employees they should NOT be independent contractors. Independent contractors work for themselves and are supervised by themselves.

    I'd tell this carrier to find a good lawyer...he's been paying SE tax to save his employer money. Shame on them!

  22. -calling a low-level employee is a common tax evasion tactic-

    It's actually easier to call a higher level employee an IC than a lower level one. Construction is a good example, the guy picking up trash and throwing it in the dumpster is almost certainly an employee, while the electrician or plumber is usually an IC.

  23. azzarahjayde@rocketmail.com11/29/13, 2:54 PM

    This is an old article but I still wanted to add to it, just in case someone comes along and reads it still , as I have. I am a paper carrier and what this carrier says, is true. Very true. It is happening at the star and 99 percent of the newspapers across the land. The newspaper companies dump on the carrier like you would not believe. I love delivering the newspaper but hate dealing with the newspaper companies. And yes, it does seem as tho they work on receiving some revenue on the part of the carrier. The carrier is usually a person who is poor to begin with. A person who is easily picked on. Get a lawyer? Its hard to get one when you are poor. Lawyers are more often work for people with money. Because paper carriers are considered "independent contractors", the people that govern jobs will not have anything to do with it. Often people will be like, "well get a different job". People delivering newspapers are usually people not accepted many places, whether it is because of a disability, whether they are a previous felon, whether they are a single mom and can't afford working at mcdonalds and paying child care too, or many other reasons they find themselves at a paper carrier income position. Not many places will allow you to bring your child with you while you work! For the people who complain about wanting your paper on the porch......I, personally do it when someone asks me too. I try to avoid it whenever possible because we all have to get them out by a certain time. If we do not get them out at a certain time, we are docked pay every time a person calls in and complains of a late paper. If it is a late delivery night because they are having troubles with the press, we still have to get it out by a certain time. If you have a lot of people wanting it on the porch, it is a lot of time adding up. It is not a matter of laziness, I assure you. Sometimes it is a matter of having a beat up car that overheats when sitting idol too much. Yes, many times a carrier is using a beat up old car or they are in a new one that they cannot afford and will bring the car to its death faster then you think. The tires, the brakes are in trouble a whole lot on paper carrier cars. The tips at Christmas time are such a blessing. For me personally, it allows me to give my child a nice Christmas. He deserves it just as much as the rich kids. Yes, we get dogged on our paychecks for every late paper, every paper that is missing (and sometimes they are stolen, yet still we pay), if there is a section missing or something missing in the paper...again, we pay). We also pay more then what you are even paying for the paper. The person who writes in and wants to hate on me for this article like they did others sharing their experience....I would just love to chat in person on the matter!


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