Thursday, August 07, 2008


Researching local bloggers for another round of posting I stumbled upon a few interesting comments regarding TKC's looks in a somewhat interesting post about voices matching faces from another local blogger.

For some reason, local newsie Tracy Abeln who is an editor at Review Magazine - A rag that's funded by begging - Assumed that TKC would be "sexy" but was sadly disappointed. After all of my references to snack cakes, no sleep and cheap liquor I have no idea why anybody would have this notion but newsies are always hard pressed to abandoned their bias. Later on in the comments I gladly read that the author proclaims that he's much more handsome than TKC as well. That's fine by me too, but I should note that it is EXTREMELY THE GHEY TO GO AROUND RATING THE ATTRACTIVENESS OF OTHER MEN . . . At least without amending your remarks with "no homo." Natch.

For the record, I'd like to submit that every single blogger and anonymous commenter in Kansas City is much more attractive than TKC . . . But that's not really saying much and when I see other bloggers I realize that there is definitely a reason all of these people gravitated toward the written word.

Thankfully, I'm not a woman working in media so I'm not forced to get by on my looks and then pretend that's not how I got ahead . . . TKC is one of the better blogs in this town (another dubious honor) simply because of my Internets talent and strategic deployment of attractive white women wearing bikinis. As for other bloggers and annony commenters . . . My Dad has a great "country" quote that I always remembered whenever I hear other folks obsessing about looks:
"The little piglets still love their mama even if she is she's a big, fat sow."
It's a nice thought and I think most adults understand that almost everybody has someone who loves them (if they're lucky) despite how hideous they might appear to others . . . I try to keep this in mind when writing about politicos, their wives and conversations about foot massages which aren't always a bad thing when done at the appropriate time and place (shudder). Also, as an entrepreneur (of sorts) I'm always hopeful given that . . . When it comes to the kind of skanks I'm interested in - A dude who has a lot of money somehow becomes much more handsome, taller, funnier and attractive relative to his willingness to spend it on said skank.

I was gonna do a "blogger beauty contest post" but again that's ghey and like the rest of this town there are a lot 6s confusing themselves with 9s (self-esteem is a wonderful thing) so most observations would be useless. Anyhoo . . . I can guarantee there are no beauty prizes waiting for the entire lot of most d-bag Internet denizens. But I digress, mostly because I was recently "enjoying" some lingerie photos of heiress and Page Six reporter Lydia Hearst which comfort me not only because she's damn fine but also because the images clearly demonstrate that even when it comes to writers (ew) there's always somebody out there more talented, attractive and richer.


Anonymous said...

I'd hit it then offer to clean her floors.

Anonymous said...

Nice ass.

Chimpotle said...

Well, that is the rule of meeting someone from the internet. Someone who is an internet 10 would be no higher than a 7 in real life...unless it's a pay site.

Applecart T. said...

It was the comments your TKC girl made that originally made me think it — and besides, we all know sexiness is relative and not empirical (please, you are not ugly or even unbeautiful, but you are/were in a relationship and I have always been, soooooo, sexiness is not allowed)!
Great Gooogly skills you have. Googling is what girls love, after all " )