Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Cleaning up the KCI Muslim Foot Bath Story

The following story wouldn't have caught my eye if the attempt at a cover-up wasn't so transparent and misleading . . . Over the weekend, World Net Daily (the last bastion of decent reporting in this country) revealed that The Kansas City International Airport has added several foot-washing basins in restrooms to accommodate a growing number of Muslim taxicab drivers who requested the facilities to prepare for daily Islamic prayer.

The story received a pretty decent response but went way too far in claiming that that the new basins were "causing worry among police" regarding Muslim men gathering around the airport or whatever . . . Not that police weren't worried about the predominantly Muslim cabal of cabbies but you can't say/write/think/voice that kind of anti-immigrant sentiment anymore unless you're bashing Mexicans.

Obviously, the PR folks over at KCI Airport had to counter this bit of bad press pretty quickly and strangely Channel 9 seemed more than willing to help them out.

HOWEVER, what unwittingly happened is that the report pretty much confirmed every negative insinuation made by the original article with its apologetic tone and depiction of the very same facts revealed in the story.

First of all, it seems clear just from the photos and the video that the stalls built for the mostly Muslim cabbies are, in fact, for washing your feet and or junk which I guess is a prerequisite for Islamic prayer and/or suicide rituals.

Here's a look at the facilities . . . Of course, there's no sign stating that this is "Muslim Ground Zero for prayer rituals at KCI" and you can ostensibly use the stalls for any purposes up to and including urinating on the Koran but it doesn't look like any of the standard bathroom stalls that I've seen (NO HOMO). Full Disclosure: I don't really use public toilets unless it's an emergency and even then I close my eyes, grab a paper towel and make sure not to breath or touch anything . . . So unlike most of you d-bags, I'm not the world's foremost authority on Men's restrooms but you have to admit this doesn't seem like standard fare for a public potty:

Anyway, the PR piece on behalf of KCI didn't really "debunk" anything other than the overenthusiastic claims that a bunch of Muslim guys are worrying the cops securing the airport. The foreign cabbies are pretty commonplace in Kansas City and the only people they really concern are those poor souls with expense accounts that don't cover rental cars . . .

Still, the fact remains that these facilities do SEEM to be there for the express purpose of the Muslim rituals despite all of the protestations to the contrary. And the reporter didn't really cover "why" these really odd looking showers/foot baths/dong scrubbing facilities were erected (ew) in the first place.

Still . . . If we're talking freebies then I want my accommodation was well . . . Because I really don't want to deny these dudes the right to engage in their superstition that was seemingly at the heart of one of the world's worst acts of terrorism. But I want to know that the folks at KCI are bending over backwards for TKC as well . . . Fair is fair. So, I think that a hot ass broad in a nun costume cracking a ruler over my knuckles or various other body parts is probably an integral part of my lapsed Catholicism. Of course, others can take part in the "services" that KCI would provide under my plan without having to be a lapsed Catholic . . . Finally, I urge the incoming Mayor (nullus) to make sure people of "unspecified" faiths like his wife also have access to KCI's accommodating spirit . . . I know that I'd enjoy the mood lighting that goes along with Tarot card readings even though I think the practice is evil . . . And I've always, secretly been a big Enya fan so whatever new agey accommodations the Mayor's wife might need, I'm sure I'd be able to enjoy the special requests as well . . . That is, as long as KCI and area taxpayers are picking up the bill.


Nightmare said...

Does this mean we can't refer to them as "Those DIRTY fucking Muslims" anymore?

emawkc said...

Isn't there a "separation of church and state" issue here? I mean, the airport is owned by the city, a government body, and it installed a facility for a religious observance.

I'm just sayin' as a taxpayer, is that what you want to pay for? Maybe someone should request a baptismal font as well. And thow in a Stonehenge while you at it.

the unthinking lemming said...

Before you go running around claimning seperation of church and state issues I suggest you study the case law in similar cases. I suspect that these accomodations are reasonably lgitimate and not any said violation of the constitution. The reaction to the wash basins simply proves that the world is full of bigots.

F said...

^^ what the lemming said.

Anonymous said...

i guess the good mayor of kc decided to leave a parting gift to the citizens of kc. next thing you know you wont be able to use the rest room at kci because of the prayer going on
whats this world comming to. bending over backwards for all these people.

KC Sponge said...

Welcoming - and facilitating - something unfamiliar to yourself, what a concept! If we have to listen and put up with your bigoted rants, than you're going to have to deal with some of us trying to make the world a better place.
(Tony - this isn't aimed at you; your bigoted rants come with a signature and you offset them with real insights and truth. It's for all your anonymous fans . . .)

Anonymous said...

Here's why this should really scare you: What this story really reveals is that the people protecting the airport in Kansas City regularly read World Net Daily.

That's what really sends a cold shiver up my spine.

Charles said...

I must say that Unthinking Lemming is on point in this instance. Simple wash basins that can be used for any purpose - even Tony jokingly points this out - are most likely reasonable ways to accommodate this community. Of course there is an air of sensationalism around this story but I cannot see how this is anything out of the ordinary.

Josh said...

I haven't ever seen this Jenny McCarthy photo. Nice find.

Anonymous said...

To clear one misconception people here seem to have. MCI (Mid Continent International) which Kansas Citians call KCI is NOT owned by KCMO, it's funded by Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska.

To clear up a second, providing accommodation for all relgious groups is in no way violating the separation of Church and State... forcing everyone to use these things would be a violation of church and state... and I'm pretty sure this stuff was NOT funded by tax-payers but by the $1 per trip fee the airport charges livery/limousine/taxi/common-carrier services.... PRIVATELY acquired extortion money... As far as I know this is the first use they've found for the (at least) hundreds of thousaands of dollars the airport's scammed off local businesses.

Anonymous said...

Water used for this purpose has to be warm stream, and cannot splash. If it splashes, you are again unclean. The facilities built in NO WAY meet this requirement.

What we have is another elegant rumor totally spoiled by an ugly fact.

Anonymous said...

i have you know that kci is owned and operated by the city of kansas city and on one else. so someone dont know what they are talking about being owned by other states as far as i know the only other government party that helps kci is the faa
other wise you will have to prove that the other states contribute to the fund

Anonymous said...

As a limo driver, I, too, have to pay the $1 per trip airport fee. However, I don't get anything in return. I have a parking lot that is riddled with potholes and is in disrepair. The limo booth is supposed to be staffed several hours a day but rarely is. I don't have a building complete with restrooms, showers, tables, chairs, TVs, vending machines and more while I wait for my next fare like the taxicab drivers do. Instead, I get to park in that shitty ass parking lot, hoping to not get my car stuck in one of the small canyons, and have a handful of trees to parking under in hopes of trying to keep the car cool on these warmer days.

And as for KCI claiming that the taxi drivers use the showers to fill buckets to wash their cabs...that's bullshit. I have not once seen a cabbie cleaning his cab at the airport. Also, I don't think they use it to clean themselves or freshen up to make them smell more pleasant for the passenger because it smells like urine and B.O. every time I have to enter that awful facility.

Anonymous said...

Part of the ritual also involves praying the shahadah (there is no god but god and muhammad is his prophet).

Installing these baths for prayer purposes would seem to violate the establishment clause and O'Connor's "endorsement test", as well as the "machinery test"- that the machinery of the state not be used to promote a religious orthodoxy.

I predict a happy lawsuit. That's why they are being tight lipped about them.

Touching a member of the opposite sex invalidates the washing done at the beginning of the day. So it's also nice that our government is endorsing the idea that girls have cooties. I say we hang a "no girls allowed" sign at the US Airways club, complete with the obligatory backward S.

Anonymous said...

unthinking lemming said:
Before you go running around claimning seperation of church and state issues I suggest you study the case law in similar cases. I suspect that these accomodations are reasonably lgitimate and not any said violation of the constitution.

Lemon v. Kurtzman "Lemon test"

1. The government's action must have a legitimate secular purpose;
2. The government's action must not have the primary effect of either advancing or inhibiting religion;
3. The government's action must not result in an "excessive entanglement" with religion.

O'Connor's Endorsement Test, Lynch v. Donnely, which helped clear up prong 2 of Lemon:

The Establishment Clause prohibits government from making adherence to a religion relevant in any way to a person's standing in the political community. Government can run afoul of that prohibition...[by] endorsement or disapproval of religion. Endorsement sends a message to nonadherents that they are outsiders, not full members of the political community, and an accompanying message to adherents that they are insiders, favored members of the political community.

The proper inquiry under the purpose prong of Lemon, I submit, is whether the government intends to convey a message of endorsement or disapproval of religion.

(Note: this has used to clarify prong 2 of the lemon test sometimes by lower courts)

I think in my opinion it fails prong 1 of the Lemon test, part 2 and 3 are close calls IMO.

Anonymous said...

If it splashes, you are again unclean. The facilities built in NO WAY meet this requirement.

The high lips/edges of the basin are designed to prevent that. So do the extended faucets.

For what it's worth, these are nearly the exact style basins I saw at the Istanbul airport in 2002.

Lao said...

Thanks for a great post - I've also included some photos of the so-called "foot basins" used in mosques

An American Expat in Southeast Asia

Anonymous said...

I guess what it comes down to is this. Christians take so much heat for the "ten Commandments" statues, Christmas Trees and other religious displays from the government. However, foot washing stalls weren't put in to help the handicaped. They were put in to accomodate people of a certain religious belief. So, where was the government to say No NO to that?

Osama Bin Shittin said...

I think they look like a great place to take a shit.

Anonymous said...

Tony, Xenophobia will take you a long way toward misunderstanding many things.

They built those industrial half-showers because they didn't want to build full showers in the facility.
Wouldn't you want a place to wash after a long day driving, besides a small sink or a janitor's slop basin?

Yes, the cabbies are washing their feet either there or elsewhere as per their faith practice.
But so what?
It's a place to wash. For anyone.

Your logic, along with others here, is backwards:
They built the industrial half-showers for the cabbies.
Most are Muslim.
So the wash-basins are for Muslims.

That's how you sound.
You see Conspiracy?!?

'If' they did build them solely for the muslims they performed a bit of cultural ignorance, that's for sure.
Most muslims only need a sprinkle or two to perform a ritual cleansing.
These are friggin' half-showers!

Anyone can use them for any purpose they wish. Jew, christian, muslim, dirty person.

Get over yourself on this one.
You're usually much more on top of things.

Anonymous said...

Plus that WND.com "news story" is nothing but bogus bullshit.

foxy said...

"The Establishment Clause prohibits government from making adherence to a religion relevant in any way to a person's standing in the political community. Government can run afoul of that prohibition...[by] endorsement or disapproval of religion. Endorsement sends a message to nonadherents that they are outsiders, not full members of the political community, and an accompanying message to adherents that they are insiders, favored members of the political community."

Sounds like that "under God" inserted into the national pledge really should go. Atheirsts are not allowed to pledge with everyone else?

Anonymous said...

I clean up have my bath shower etc after I am home form work, not during the working hours. If these people need to wash their feet 5 times a day why can't they do it from home?

Anonymous said...

If I am ever in KCI, I'll be sure and take a big nutty, steamy shit in the first foot basin I see. You see, MY religion demands I defecate on OTHER religions acoutrements, immediately, and without question. Also, my ass must face east, in deference to the great creator of all that is shitty, AllahCaca.


Rev. Flatulent N. Dumpalot

Anonymous said...

As a strict follower of Allahcaca and an Iowa farmer, I make sure there's a copy of the Quran in every outhouse to ensure I'm paying homage by using it to wipe my arse. All my hands swear by it's soft pages, and if you listen very carefully you can hear Muslims crying as you wipe.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy the half shower, or footbath, or whatever it is referred to. My only gripe is the fact that I often have to use a stick poke the chunkier and stubborn pieces of shit down the drain. A couple of drink straws from Chili's works well too. Happy Day to all!

Anonymous said...

Foot bath schmoot bath. Wash yer forkin feet at home you dirty pigdogs.

I demand a sacrificial alter in the johns so I can kill some friggin chickens. I am a Santerian, and I also like to defecate on floors.

I hope this is not an issue.

Anonymous said...

Unthinking Lemming - what an appropriate name. How can you even mention bigotry on anyone else's part when muslims are so bigoted they will kill you if you don't convert. THAT"S bigoted! Send every muslim and towel head back to their country of origin and make our country safer.

Anonymous said...

Offend a Radical - Urinate in a Footbath

As a staunch supporter of the Constitution, which expressly states, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion...," I am embarrassed by many of my countrymen who are bending over backwards to accommodate radical Muslims by installing religious ritualistic devices in public places.

As a Muslim, I am embarrassed, as well, by many of my co-religionists who attempt to impose their radical religious agenda on American society by installing the same ritualistic devices in these same public places.

As an American Muslim, I am personally offended when I read about footbaths on public property, i.e., municipal airports, state colleges, etc. I think that the best way to combat these blatant Constitutional violations is by turning the aforementioned footbaths into urinals.

Our government seems to have neither brains nor balls to combat the advance of stealth Gihad, but I believe that American people are smart enough and courageous enough to handle the threat of Sharia.

I am asking every American patriot to place this (see image) or similar note above every footbath located on public property, then take a picture and email it to us at INFO at REFORMISLAM.ORG.

Khalim Massoud
Muslims Against Sharia