Friday, August 25, 2017

Kansas City Code Against Violence Debut

Actually, this is the second meeting of the group but a first look for newsies for this gathering of locals hoping to curb KCMO crime. Checkit:

New anti-violence group works to develop strategy aimed at minimizing crime amid growing trend

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Kansas City's newly formed Code Against Violence And Crime group held it's second meeting on Thursday evening to work towards tackling a growing problem in their community.


Anonymous said...

How much money do they want? How many of these groups do we have now? What have any of them ever accomplished?

Anonymous said...

Your first question is the real issue.
In fact, it's the ONLY question and that's easy to tell by looking at the usual suspects involved.
How many groups like this are there?
About every four people you meet on the east side have their own "nonprofit", none has any intention of cooperating or working with anyone else, and they're all looking for "funding".
Add up the federal, state, county, and city money, and donations and grants from local foundations and corporations, and the totals run into the tens of millions.
The COMBAT program alone collects over $20 million in sales taxes each and every year.
But these folks see that there's zero oversight by the donors or anyone else, no results required year after year, and absolutely no accountability for how the money's spent.
As a grifter, what's not to like?
Meanwhile, 98 murders and counting in KCMO and there still are four months to go in 2017.
You really can't make this stuff up.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this group could get some black boxer to come and talk to the urban youth and turn them away from gangs. Should only cost taxpayers about 15k.
Ron Hunt could discuss how non violence begins at home.
Surly this isn't just another black grifter scam.

Anonymous said...

Ron hunt is a woman beater, stalker, scam artist extraordinaire, and over all bad person. And he wears a bow tie for crying out loud!

Anonymous said...

Whoa! ANOTHER GROUP formed to Fight Crime in KC?

Anonymous said...

Gee Wiz What about KCPD doing their job.

Anonymous said...

Another packs of boons figures a way to buy their gin, buy tax free and have free dinners, drinks and banquets on the tax payers with a 501c.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and also, get demselves some of dem fine, white t-shirts, that fit like dresses. Yes sir, dats country living at it's best.

Crazy Clown said...

I'm also Starting my own Anti Violence Group as well !!

I would like the city to kick in $2.6 MILLION Dollars to Fund & Support it, preferably in small bills, untraceable and in CASH !!

My Unique Anti Crime plan is to Fight Crime in Kansas City, from as far away as :
Bora Bora
Hawaiian Islands
and many other Tropical Island Destinations

I will send monthly updates on my Crime prevention techniques via cell phone photo's !!

When I'm not busy Surfing, partying, drinking, and getting laid,,,,,

I think I can do this !!

MAYOR Sly, have my MONEY ready by next Friday !!!!