Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Is Kansas City Killing Scaring Youngsters???

Like it or not, rugrats are far more savvy consumers of media than their parents and this bit of journalism offers a reminder that future generations might fear the impact of the current local killing spree 2017. Checkit:

Metro parents worry about the impact of gun violence on their kids

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- In a span of just a few hours, seven people were killed during a rash of gun violence on both sides of the state line this past weekend. "When we drove near there we had to have seen at least 50 cop cars.


Anonymous said...

The parents who are worrying about their kids' reaction to all the murders in KCMO aren't the parents who really should need to be concerned.
They're responsible parents who provide appropriate guidance, direction, and discipline for their children, and it's too bad that they find themselves having to try to explain the dysfunction and carnage to their kids almost daily.
The parents who should have been concerned about their children's sense of appropriate behavior, personal responsibilities, working hard in school, and making a way for themselves in the world failed in all those things and more long ago and most continue to make excuses and blame others for those failures.
And as long as excuses and blaming others is what's offered as "leadership" and self-destructive behavior is even celebrated, much less ignored, another generation of similar burdens on society will emerge.
For children who have hopes and dreams and are fortunate enough to have parents who actually care, the violence that goes on daily in KCMO is a learning experience of what NOT to do.

Anonymous said...

This is mental training for hood rat kids to be proficient killers when they get older, ya know, 13, 14 years old

Anonymous said...

I bet the three adult hood rats from Tulsa who were murdered this past weekend were just about to turn their lives around. Let's see, who can we blame for their deaths??

Anonymous said...

Buy your bullet proof siding.... nnooooww.

Everyone KC said...

THAT is funny. More like that PLEASE!