Thursday, July 06, 2017

Celebrate Kansas City SJW Theater!!!

Local drama offers a historical perceptive on "Driving While Black" during the days old school days of segregation tells an interesting story that's mostly intended to alleviate white guilt by way of enduring a theatrical interpretation that's even more heavy handed than some of Oprah's lesser work. You decide . . .

Kansas City Playwright Takes A Journey Based On 'The Negro Motorist Green Book'

As families prepare to pile into cars for summer vacations, one new play takes a trip back in time to explore the experience of black travelers in Jim Crow-era America.


Anonymous said...

Driving While Black? Like carjacking?

Anonymous said...

Yet another effort to ignore the problems of the present and travel back to the past to celebrate the things we like and demand that the things we don't are removed from history.
Let's be sure to insist on more legislation for Emmitt Till.
That incident took place in 1955.
Let's also continue to ignore the 70 homicides which have taken place in KCMO so far this year, most of which have involved both black perpetrators and victims, and have taken place east of Troost.
Don't you feel better already?

Anonymous said...

How about robbing while black, raping while black or another favorite, killing while black.

Crazy Clown said...

Dunno' if I'd call them Snowflakes ???

more like just "FLAKES" of Society, those SJW's,,,

actually they should be called SJDB's

Social Justice Ding Bats !!!!

Anonymous said...

Driving without tags or insurance, with a suspended license and no rear view mirror while black......

Anonymous said...


Synopsis: Blacks are victims.

Many young blacks grow up hearing stories from their parents, grandparents, pastors, etc., extolling the horrors of slavery, segregation, and the Civil Rights struggle. Perfectly understandable.

However, instead of climbing the ladder which their forefathers fought to provide for them, many young people trap themselves into a mindset of being perpetual victims. They wish to relive the struggle and fight against an imaginary omnipotent oppressor, so that they too can share familial stories of fighting the good fight. The advantage in being a forever victim is that it removes your responsibility. Anytime something goes wrong, or you initially fail, you can just throw up your hands and say "White Privilege", "Racism", or "The Establishment" caused you to fail.

Anonymous said...

Now there is something you don't see very often; a black holding a book.

Anonymous said...

9:51am makes some good points.
But it's not so much the younger people who trap themselves into reliving the past.
It's what passes for the "leaders" of the black community, some of who fondly remember their mostly inflated great courage and struggles in the 1950s and 60s, but even more the usual suspects who "earn" very good livings at the tops of the endless list of organizations in the civil rights industrial complex and who work very hard to try to be sure that "the struggle" never ends.
We've come a long way, but we're not there yet.
And never will be.
Or how would so many of these folks earn a real living?
As an author said years ago, "It's very hard to get a man to understand the facts when his salary depends on him not understanding them".