Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Yesterday, thanks to our blog community, we mythbusted the hype around this plan and today the MSM is dutifully "reporting" talking points according to developers. Here's local "journalism" from public radio on a topic our blog community took apart:

Port KC Promoting Berkley Riverfront Park As Luxury Apartments Go Up Along The Missouri

As 410 luxury apartments go up along the riverfront, Port KC wants to rebrand Berkley Park. CEO Michael Collins says Port KC wants the south bank of the Missouri River to be all of Kansas City's front yard, not just those who move into the mixed-use development when it opens next year.


Anonymous said...

Luxury apartments?
The drawing looks like the barracks for the Russian 3rd Army.
With all these tax breaks, TIFs, and outright public subsidies, can't these cheesy developers spend just a little more to propose architecturally attractive and well-constructed buildings?
Most of this new crap being built around KCMO will be falling down in five years.

Anonymous said...

I say make it all Section 8!

Anonymous said...

could be beautiful. it's just a mock-up.

Anonymous said...

Wow, they're pumping up the diwntown bubble even more.

unless it actually works together, which possible but not assured.

bubble could burst in two years..

Anonymous said...

Still gunna stink down there , like rotting fish , dead bodies , chemical waste , Hobo's and the homeless people crapping out everywhere ¡! Also will smell like LIBERAL Democrats body odor , METROSEXUAL TRANNY BITCHES SHIT HOLE sex leftovers and dead animals ¡!

Anonymous said...

Hope the chumps leasing the "Luxury Apartments" don't get a whiff of the Ingredien (or whatever they're calling Corn Products these days) cesspools across the River until after they've signed their leases! That's been the worst air pollution site in the State for over twenty years! Late summer, when those things get good and ripe, the stench can curl your nose hairs just driving across the HOA Bridge! Maybe the KC Council and Mayor Slick will pass an ordinance against the wind blowing from the North, that should take care of things.

Anonymous said...

It's about time Kansas City puts this land to good use. It's one of our best untapped assets.

Crazy Clown said...

Within 7 to 10 years those supposed Luxury Apartments will become Section 8 Slums !!!

After the original Developers go BANKRUPT !!!

Seen this all before, happened before, show sum fancy drawings, get support, get several Banks somewhere from around the WORLD to loan money, ask for all kinds of TAX Breaks,,,

Hire some young inept & incompetent managers who'll work cheap but have a fancy supposed college degree to manage the Slums,, and,,,,

BINGO', you've got a reciepe for Disaster, followed up with Bankruptcy , then followed up with some other entinity buying the sulm for pennies on the dollar and churning it into SECTION 8 Slumville, that eventually will be all over the news for all the crime and drug overdoses that occur down there !!

Next up will be the great IMPLOSION as they destroy the place thru a massive media event showing the SLUMS coming down, like a LAS VEGAS CASINO !!!

Watch and see !!!

Anonymous said...

That jig Collins, will fuck this up, just like he has everything else he has touched.

Anonymous said...

Here dog! come on dog! Me and the dog want you go to Dick Smith Ford Town. In Raytown. Get a doggone good deal!

Anonymous said...

11:31: There's a reason this asset is untapped.

Anonymous said...

People putting big money into residences in KCMO are taking a risk.