Thursday, June 08, 2017

The Toy Train No Vote Extension

Today's theme is that City Hall REALLY doesn't care about Kansas City voters. Take a look:

KC Streetcar Authority Looks To Reconnect Riverfront To Downtown

The 2.2 mile Kansas City Streetcar route from Union Station to the River Market opened just over a year ago. To date, the line has completed just over 2 million trips with an average of 5,860 riders a day in 2016. And now they're looking into expansion options to the south - and the north.


Anonymous said...

5,860 riders a Day ???????????????????????

What Fuckin City did they get those numbers from ?????

sure as hell wasn't Kansas city mo.

Amazing their phony magical numbers they try to come up with to push their Phony Fake agenda !!!

Typical Commie Liberals at KCMO City Hall and their supporters

Next up, they'll try to tell ya 2+2 = 17

Anonymous said...

2+2= 24,000,000

Anonymous said...

Reconnect? Toot toot. What a hoot. Clunk.

Anonymous said...

The train to nowhere and they haven't collected one dime from the passengers. Sounds like a winner. Their suggestion that the train go to Berkley Riverfront Park is a howl. That area is a former dump, full of toxic waste. Every time they disturb the earth, toxic particles are launched into the air. It's a non-destination, but it's the perfect place for a non-transportation vehicle to go.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^^BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!! See you guys at the streetcar expansion groundbreaking!!! (both of them)