Friday, June 23, 2017

The Kansas City Weekly Power Rankings

A busy week in the local discourse starts this Kansas City Summer season of fighting.

While local denizens are busy slugging it out on local streets with guns and blunt objects because of arguments and overall discontent . . . Here's a look at the top ranking power players this week:

Downtown Kansas City Hotel Name Game Continues For Long Delayed Project

They promised a Spring groundbreaking for this no-vote hotel but that didn't happen. Instead, a secret deal emerges and a new corporate partner makes promises whilst City Hall is still putting up most of the money for this speculative move.

DNC Targets JoCo Congressman Yoder

A handful of challengers have emerged and national Democratic Party interests have taken notice of Golden Ghetto liberal protestations of revenge following Hillary Clinton defeat. And so, this ranking is just a bit of a preview for a politico who confronts increasing challenge in order to satisfy that egos of suburban RINOs and privileged progressives.

KCI Corporate Dream Team Emerges???

All of the big Kansas City corporate names are now on board for a new airport. And a different kid of no-bid effort emerges wherein the ruling class are flexing their muscle in order to garner billions worth of air passenger revenue that flies through this town.

Accordingly, the murder count has held steady for a couple of days as Kansas City confronts the first weekend of what could be an exceptionally contentious Summer.

As always, this list has been compiled according to scientific TKC polling and market research data and it's a weekly comprehensive guide to local powerful people.


Anonymous said...

If these are the people who are "winning" than that means that most Kansas City voters are losing.

Big time.

Anonymous said...

Better title: Corporate Kansas City

Kansas City History Lesson 2117 said...

Team Sly is how Kansas City was bankrupted.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine the embarrassment if burns and mac doesn't get the sLIE James International Airport......... the whole airport builders community throughout the country will be laughing they're asses off! If you can't win your hometown your not getting work anywhere!

Anonymous said...

normally, I would agree with and align myself with the above and those who have previously written their concerns regarding the proposed airport project. In my earlier "working days", I used the current airport extensively and did enjoy the design and convenience of this "small town" facility...however, the city continues to grow and mature...and the complexities of life grow...if we are to continue this great " ponzi scheme, it may be better to throw in with the movers and shakers of KC, as amature as they may be, and move our society becomes larger and more complex, the idea of applying so called "democratic" principles to this great civic project seems self, move on..and by all means, make damn sure the new airport facility is called "the Sly Aerodome"...or, the "SlyDome"..for good measure!

Anonymous said...

All of this money wasting bullshit could have been avoided if only you fat lazy redneck peckerwoods would have gotten off your arses and voted. Did any of you learn a lesson? Hell no! Next election you will continue to suck on your beer cans and then act dumbfounded at these local politicians who continue to bend you over. What a pack of dorks.

Anonymous said...

I don't want a new airport.
But what do I care if it is privatized......completely.
The city can still charge taxes on rental cars, airport food, etc....
Get the fucking thing out of their hands.
Let some private investment firm make their profit. I don't care.
Just get the city out of it.

Anonymous said...

if we're going to make the airport convenient for airlines and not for flyers, why not go all the way?

make it into Fedex "passenger package" format. passengers arrive and strip and put on pajamas with bar codes all over. then, robots process the passengers just like packages.

also, baggage and passengers could share processing facilities.

passengers' mouths would be duct-taped to minimize compaints.

Anonymous said...

Save the Swamp

Yoder 2018

Anonymous said...

Protect KS-3rd's Pre-existing Condition.

Don't Drop Kevin Yoder.