Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Kansas City Tuesday Early Look

Agnetis is a new hottie taking Instagram by storm and this early morning she inspires a quick Kansas City link peek to start Tuesday.


Kansas City Teachable Moment

A Place in Time: Book takes a look back to historic Kansas City sites

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - These days, Kansas City seems to be focused on moving forward. But there's an office in City Hall where they think a look back would be a good idea.

Dead-Tree TrumpCare Scare Tactics

Dave Helling: Today, Medicaid. Tomorrow, Medicare and Social Security.

The Senate health care bill makes dramatic cuts to future spending for Medicaid, the federal-state program for the working poor. Those cuts may just be a prelude to a massive battle over entitlement spending for Medicare and Social Security, the nation's two biggest social programs.

Show-Me Cyclist Tragedy Tribute

St. Louis man killed during Kansas City cycling event

Cyclists in St. Louis remembered Casey Saunders on Monday night with a bike ride from The Grove to the Central West End. "Everyone is feeling really down," said Johnny Merli. Saunders died on Sunday after a crash during a cycle race in Kansas City.

KCMO Lesson In Graffiti Over Tagging

Artists have unexpected message for vandals painting graffiti over school murals

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - When Scarritt Elementary School closed several years ago, Kansas City Public Schools, the Kansas City Art Institute and the City of Kansas City joined together on a project to reduce vandalism at the school. But in less than two months, vandals have hit twice painting graffiti on some of the murals.

Kansas City Hope For Summer

Kansas City Royals: Reinforcements are Not Far Away

The Kansas City Royals appear to be ready to make another run at the playoffs in 2017. With most of their core left from playoff runs in 2014 and 2015, Kansas City Royals fans should be excited about what the rest of 2017 has left to offer.

Lil Yachty - Dirty Mouth is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


top heavy said...

that looks painful.

Anonymous said...

TOP PHOTO -- Staying Abreast

Agnetis suffers from Male Pattern Ribaldness!!!

Anonymous said...

Dave Helling needs to retake Grade School Math. Reducing the growth in future spending is not "cuts".