Monday, June 19, 2017

The Kansas City Link Look Tonight

Sophie hotness starts our look at some of the top Kansas City mainstream media links tonight . . .

Kansas City Small Time Brew Winning

2017 KC Nanobrew Festival

This Saturday is the annual gathering of all things homebrew. What started in a backyard is now a huge festival with over 100 participants and almost 2000 fest goers. This year the beer menu is over 300 unique and one of a kind beers. Don't delay this sells out every year.

Show-Me Unhappy Tribute

Couple's 39th wedding anniversary ends in four-hour standoff with police

GREENWOOD, Mo. - A Greenwood woman is in jail after she allegedly shot at her husband on their 39th wedding anniversary. A probable cause statement obtained by 41 Action News states that Clara E. Hoinoski, 63, fired two rounds at her husband on Saturday night.

Baby-Killing Crackdown

Missouri House committee passes amended version of Senate abortion bill

Unsatisfied with the extent of the Senate's new proposed abortion restrictions, a Missouri House committee restored some provisions Monday, including one that gives the attorney general the ability to enforce any abortion law at any time.

More Kansas City Crime Talk

KCPD tackling rising crime rate with new initiative

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City is on pace to have one of its most violent years in recent history. The Kansas City Police Department hopes a new initiative will help it better allocate resources to tackle the rising crime rate.

To Bee Or Not Too Bee in Kansas City

These Missouri Researchers Study The Declining Bee Populations By Listening To Their Buzzes

See a bee; hear a buzz. That is what researchers studying the declining bee population are banking on. A new technique based on recording buzzing bees hopes to show farmers just how much pollinating the native bee population is doing in their fields.

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