Thursday, June 15, 2017

Kansas City Metro Crime Round-Up

Check this diverse line-up of the kinda sad local crime links with a common theme of bittersweet human suffering on both sides of the equation in the long run. Check the line-up:

Celebrate The Internets Free For All Before Regulation Crackdown

The top 5 most-desired Airbnb rentals in Kansas City [PHOTOS] - Kansas City Business Journal

Summer is tourist season in Kansas City - and that means a lot of people coming to town and renting a place through Airbnb. So the San Francisco-based company offered to show us the most-desired properties in Kansas City based on users' wish lists.

Nearby Rural Tragic Horse Play

Woman charged with animal abuse after starving horses found in Odessa

ODESSA, Mo. - A Pleasant Hill woman is facing up to a year in jail after several malnourished horses were found in rural Johnson County. Jessica R. Brasel, 27, was charged Wednesday with misdemeanor animal abuse. According to court documents, deputies were called to a property off 131 Highway in Odessa, Missouri in late March by an investigator for the Humane Society of Missouri.

Kansas City Run-Around Today

High-speed chase begins in Independence; ends when pickup crashes into North KC bar

Three persons, including a registered sex offender, were arrested Thursday after a high-speed pursuit that started in Independence and ended when their pickup slammed into a North Kansas City bar. The incident happened just after 1 p.m. when a Missouri State Highway Patrol trooper witnessed a vehicular wreck at 23rd Street and Noland Road.

Kansas City Daddy Crime Warning

In memory of dads who lost their lives to violent crimes, local group hits streets to educate men about crime prevention

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Instead of partaking in baseball games and backyard barbecues, a local group is honoring dads in a different way this Father's Day. The group is hitting the streets to educate men about crime prevention.

JoCo Youngster With A Gun

Olathe Police looking for armed robbery suspect

Olathe Police are asking for your help in identifying the man who robbed an Olathe business early in the morning on June 7. Police said the man entered the business in the 2100 block of East 151st Street armed with a gun and took cash. The robbery happened at 3:22 a.m.

Local Rock Chalk Revenge

Man convicted of killing boss near KU hospital in 2015

KANSAS CITY, Kan. (AP) -- A jury has found a man guilty of killing his boss outside the University of Kansas Hospital. A Wyandotte County jury on Thursday convicted 48-year-old Willie E. Parker of first-degree murder in the July 2015 death of Michel Ziade. Parker worked for Ziade, of Lee's Summit, Missouri.

KCPD Training Day For Bloody Summer

KC officers get 'Stop the Bleed' training

Kansas City police are getting training and kits to help stop bleeding victims in emergency situations.

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Anonymous said...

Can't spend money on horses when you're spending it on meth.

Anonymous said...

Is he shooting up in the picture?

Anonymous said...

A year is all she can get! Fuck that law. A horse is worth more than that bitches life. Here's built this country. Give her life.

Bob said...

That was Helen's JAD Bar that the low life scumbag crashed into. Best thin crust pizza and wings in town. String the SOB up.

Anonymous said...

^^^ +1

Anonymous said...

Not interested in reading through the starved horse story. My biggest question is: WTF is an investigator for the Humane Society? That sounds like someone imbued with power to trespass on private property? Don't you step a f-ing foot on my private property or I'll internet tough-guy it up on you. Hopefully the Republican legislature will revoke the ability of Dept. of Conservation agents to literally trespass on ANY private property and order inspections of refrigerators and freezers for "illegally harvested" game meat. They don't abuse it, but if one decides to be an a-hole and knock at your door in the middle of the City on your 0.15 acre lot, and demand entrance to your house and access to your frozen food storage, they can arrest you if you don't COMPLY. Out of control government.