Sunday, June 25, 2017

Celebrate Kansas City Protestant Re-branding

Quick look at local faith communities using re-purposing old traditions in order to appeal to a younger crowd. Checkit:

Using An Old Custom To Lure New Parishioners

For the last half century, membership numbers in Mainline U.S. Protestant churches have gone mostly in one direction - down. Protestants once constituted a large majority of the American population.


chuck said...

A few have previously had faith commitments, including two Buddhists. But TOT also is attracting the religiously unaffiliated and the simply curious. At one special session focused on racism, the crowd exceeded 150."


Fuck yeah. Spread the message Billy Tammy.

The reason for the decline, is the change in demographics, that you, the Lutherans and Catholics support. The self loathing, ethnomasochistic give away of Occidental culture in favor of inferior and sub-standard 3rd world cultures, that bring in Democrat votes in an effort to "Fundamentally Change" America into the disaster that is now Europe. That in combination of Irredentist Cultural Imperialism will leave the left in charge and "Voting democrat for 100 years".

Go fuck yourself Billy.

Anonymous said...

I'm a god damn atheist and I shouldn't have to read this crap

Anonymous said...

I've noticed that most congregations today tend to gather around a charismatic leader rather than a specific philosophy. Just look at the number of storefront churches popping up. The Rev. Jim-Bob is re-writing the Bible to suit his congregation, and some even toss the Bible in favor of the latest self-help book. It's the Cult of Personality more than being Methodist or mainline Christian. Oh, and let's not forget the rock and roll music to lure the young people.

Anonymous said...

When churches have to offer dinner, coffee shops, bands and other forms of entertainment, are people really going for the right reasons?

Byron Funkhouser said...

Chuck, if you love Occidental Culture so much, why don't you go home!

Religion is losing because it's a LIE.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Thus spake Byron Funkhouser - tolerant, open-minded "liberal". RME

Anonymous said...

Churches exist for ONE reason only and that is MONEY. This biggest of all scams is ridiculous and those that fund it are fools.