Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Celebrate Kansas City Pride Pix!!!

Despite a dearth of coverage from Kansas City mainstream media. Our local LGBT community is front and center in this national mag collection of AWESOME party pix. Take a look:

Kansas City, Mo., Shows Off Its Pride (Photos)

Kansas City's LGBTQ community is bursting with so much pride it will blow your mind.


Anonymous said...

Those were worth some grins and giggles

Anonymous said...

Byron, did you have a gay old time there?

Anonymous said...

these two should make the cammisanos proud

Anonymous said...

Yup, look like couple of Degenerate Liberals alright !!!!

Typical of Degenerate Lib'tards as they promote their Sick Twisted Weirdness !!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I used to work this as a security guard back in the day. It was the easiest hundred bucks ever. Lots of fat white middle aged guys LARPing as a cross dresser that day.

At least in the years I worked it there wasn't any Folsom Street Fair style debauchery.

If anything it was kind of lame. For a bunch of homos I expected their electronic music to be better.