Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Fmr Claycomo Po-Po Confronts Oxy Charge

A FORMER police dude now facing fraud allegations should remind us all of the rampant opioid crisis getting worse across the nation . . . And in our backyard as well.

Claycomo police officer & wife arrested, accused of submitting fake pain pill prescriptions

CLAYCOMO, Mo. -- A Claycomo police officer and his wife are accused in Clay County of attempting to pass a fraudulent prescription for Oxycodone at several pharmacies in Kansas City's Northland. Adam Wade, 34, and his wife Skye Wade, 34, both of Parkville are charged with two and three counts respectively, of 'fraudulently attempting to obtain a controlled substance'.


Anonymous said...

Sad deal..folks need to learn how to do their drugs rather than letting the drugs do them.they're fucking it up for us who need them to survive.running out is no fun that's reason enough for me to take them Responsibly.

Anyway, I feel for them.addiction is horrible.

Anonymous said...

This doesn't have anything to do with that stripper that ended up in the river in Parkville, does it?

Crazy Clown said...

What he's only been on the job like 4 months or something, still in Training,,,

Who the hell did the background checks on that loser ?????

Common problem letting Degenerates like this in Positions within Government agencies , they breed fraud & corruption and crime, yet they always claim their innocent !

That's the problem with our Government the last 40 years, too many Corrupt Degenerate deadbeats got themselves a job in City, state & federal Government and corrupted the system,,,,

DRAIN the SWAMP TRUMP Drain that SOB !!!!!

Anonymous said...

the police .... again..... to protect and serve themselves is the new motto.