Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Clay Chastain Ultimatum To KCMO Mayor Sly

Strong words regarding local transit legislation . . .

Clay Chastain: KCMO has until tomorrow to undo corrupt transit petition ballot language and place original ballot language before Aug.voters.

The City, led by Mayor Sly James, has until tomorrow to reverse its corrupt course concerning its corrupt attempt to corrupt the ballot language and thus corrupt, yet again, a transit-oriented petition election.

City Ordinance No. 170042 deliberately and unlawfully is set to place ballot language before Kansas City voters on August 8 that does not reflect the intent of a transit petition (construction of a new specified and integrated rapid rail / electric bus / bikeway system) submitted to the City by the people. The City's corrupt and vague version of the transit petition only proposes "extending the streetcar system in several different directions."

The Missouri Supreme Court recently ordered (in effect) the Sly James' Administration to cease its on-going hostility and opposition to placing valid petitions before voters.

Nevertheless, Sly and the City are moving ahead and thumbing their noses at the spirit of that high court order (and indeed City Charter law itself... Sections 702 and 712) by unilaterally and arbitrarily re-writing the transit petition's original ballot language so that the petition question before voters will mean what Sly and the City want it to mean.

This blatant and arrogant abuse of governmental power against the stated will of the people is unamerican, unintelligent and unacceptable.

As the leader and spokesperson for the Committee of Petitioners I urge the fair-minded and thinking members of Kansas City, Missouri's City Council to repeal Ordinance No.170042 tomorrow and enact a new ordinance that will submit to the voters the transit petition in its "original form" so that the transit petition's true intent can be truly decided by the voters of Kansas City.

Clay Chastain


Anonymous said...

Clay, did your sister kick you out? Go away!

Anonymous said...

Why in the hell is this guy so passionate about KC and he doesn't even live here? Was it the crime?

P.S. Tony, please find a new stock photo for our boy C Clay. K thx bye

Anonymous said...

I'm all for Clay on this one. Fuck Sly the Coon

Anonymous said...

In KCMO it's really hard to differentiate the circus acts without a program.
Chastain is nutty as ever and just won't go away.
Meanwhile, in another ring, Sly and the gang are once again bamboozling the public with no-bid contracts, $800 million bond issue elections, rigged streetcar votes, and taxpayer-funded hotels.
And that's just what you can SEE!
You'd hope that at least a couple people involved would have just a little interest in the residents of the town, but you'd be disappointed.
How many more clowns can come out of that car?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Fuq-U Clay. You promised if your last initiative failed you would go away. What a fucking liar. I think his grand plan is to try to get rich off of suing the city. What a fucking loser.