Monday, March 27, 2017

The Kansas City Evening News Links

Jordan Carver has transitioned herself into a fitness babe of sorts but we still hold her hottie body of work in high esteem in much the same way we remain dedicated to collecting some of the more important local links that are often overlooked or crowded into newscasts more obsessed with sports and smiles. Take a peek:

Cowtown Style Report

Kansas City's Fashion Industry, And Where Religion And Science Meet

Kansas City takes the nickname 'Paris of the Plains' seriously, and not just because of our fountains. Today, we learn why Kansas City Fashion Week has designers, photographers, models, makeup artists, and stylists gathered in the Heartland. Then, the director of the Vatican Observatory looks at the intersection of religion and science.

Local Panic Afternoon Aftermath

'Nothing suspicious' found at Oak Park High School after threat led to massive evacuation

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Between 1300 and 1400 students at Oak Park High School, 825 NE 79th Terrace, at North Oak Trafficway and Troost Ave., in Kansas City's Northland, were evacuated by bus loads Monday and transported to Staley High School after a male claiming to be a student made a threat against Oak Park High School.

Fake News Polling Taken DIRECTLY From Campaign Team

Survey indicates KC's infrastructure bond measures passing

Kansas City's infrastructure bond proposal on the April 4 ballot appears to have sufficient voter support, according to a recent poll, although the survey question didn't specifically mention the property tax increase. The survey also showed support for a ballot measure to relax marijuana penalties.

Show-Me Today's Pitch Complaint

Why did Greitens hitch himself to the Ryan-Trump-care bandwagon when it was already in flames?

A couple of days before the Ryan-Trump "repeal and replace" bill went up in flames, Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens signed a letter urging Congress to pass it. Bad move, governor. You are now on record supporting a piece of legislation that would have caused 24 million Americans to lose health insurance.

Local Tech Scene Needs Cash

Hundreds of investors, entrepreneurs heading to KC for InvestMidwest

A midwestern venture capital forum that has led to over $1 billion in early-stage investments will convene in Kansas City on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 28 and 29. The 18th annual InvestMidwest conference aims to showcase the best early-stage, high growth tech companies in the region.

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Anonymous said...


I offered Jordan my poker, to get her fire going!!!

Anonymous said...

Poll from Remington even though they're working on the campaign.

That's kinda messed up.

Anonymous said...

KC fashion = Women in sweat pants all weekend long.

Anonymous said...

That Greitens photo looks like something out of the DPRK propaganda where minions are directed to be behind the leader and look like they are out of breath / out classed / etc. Leader Greatness at the head of the pack, barely breaking a sweat with active duty troops lagging behind or walking. Geez. I could beat him in a 12oz fridge spring any day of the week.

@1:32 I prefer the yoga pants on JoCo women with nothing better to do than stay in shape while their husbands work and they drop their kids at daycare. Unfortunately, I don't live in JOCO and the women still wear extremely tight yoga pants, and most weigh more than me (250lbs +). Ugh.

Anonymous said...

Sprint, not "spring" <- fixed that for ya.

Anonymous said...

Push yourself away from the refrigerator, Fat boy 9:24 - join the military and you'll actually see group runs.

agentzero said...

Time spent, money spent, what accomplished

Over last ten years, despite incredible hype, only marginal success has been achieved, actually very little. Eyeverify sells to the Chinese, how is that for lasting community development?

When the politicians tell you they are going to start lots of tech startups and it is all going to be wonderful, measure the last two decades of their actions and hold them to real measure.

Anonymous said...

Physicality and lack thereof aside, I understand the meaning and necessity for the brotherhood of the military. Though I'm not entirely sure what a "team run" might be other than the group runs until everyone quits, that doesn't impact my view of the pic as a propaganda piece. The gallant Greitens smiling while leading the pack of military members who would theoretically be able to out run him? Eh, don't buy it. BTW, believe it or not, I voted for him because voting prog just doesn't cut it.

Oh wait, I'm s'pposed to say, huh, if I ever saw you on the street I'd show you or Greitens a thing or two about running.

Anonymous said...

^. Nice pivot; you initially bragged that "I could beat him (Greitens)". Your follow-up comments demonstrate that you don't have the remotest idea about anything connected to the military.

Hope that you can continue to endure seeing those fat women in yoga pants that outweigh you. A regular viewer of TKC should be used to sights like that. (grin)

Anonymous said...

^Too bad you'll likely never see this. But you apparently didn't catch the reference on my "brag". You do know that the 12oz sprint to the fridge indicates a race to drink a beer? Much like my daily workout regimen consists of at least 6 sets of 12oz curls every other day. Which by the way I am very good at, with years of practice under my belt, and I probably could beat Greitens at, though I've been surprised before.