Friday, March 10, 2017

Kansas City Losing 'Broken Windows Theory' Urban Core Blight Fight???

The Broken Windows Theory has long been disproved but it sounds nicer than getting tough on crooks and throwing more violent people in jail. Accordingly, here's the latest local presser on the topic: KCPD's East Patrol Initiative seeks to demolish vacant houses


Anonymous said...

broken windows is bigger than real estate.

it's details of things that aren't right, whatever they are. yes, that unfortunately includes parking and speeeding tickets as well as loitering.

there's something wrong with the skyrocketing violence.

what, is hard to say. that's why everything--everything--that can be seen as out of place needs to be addressed.

then, the more serious exceptions are either more visible or fade.

but allowing disorder creates a sense of anomie that is insidious.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if the police even know what they're talking about.

Anonymous said...

Uh , 35 million investment at 31st and Troost.
27 million investment at Linwood and Troost
3 bedroom shirt waist homes east of Troost selling for over $200 K
Brookside East ,
A new grocery at 31s and Prospect & 47th and Troost
Homes selling in Hyde Park in less than a week.
The only issue, ZERO patrols by Central Patrol and neighborhoods working around Chief Forte's mismanagement of KCPD .....and still prospering

Anonymous said...

Check your sources,TKC. The broken windows theory was NOT disproven by credible sources.