Thursday, February 23, 2017

South Kansas City Vs. Hickman Mills Schools

Very much appreciated local blogger mention and just a peek at how some denizens in the Southland are frustrated with the constant controversy and divisive identity politics embroiling the Hickman School District. Take a look: They're Not Just Students; They're Black and White and Brown.


Anonymous said...

I'm confused, the writer wants to write about Carpenter and his idiotic tactics but doesn't want to read about Carpenter and those idiotic tactics?

Anonymous said...

Carpenter has scammed HM for nearly four years and now he is taking is snake oil show to LS. It's time to focus on the future - who will the Board select as a new superintendent? I hope and pray they look beyond the current administrators and find a highly qualified person with a proven track record of working with failing school districts. In addition there needs to be a revitalization of the teacher/staff unions to stand for those in the trenches and stand up for the classroom, no more bullying for the top down. There also needs to be a much more vocal community (protests if needed) to say we are sick and tired of the way things have been going. And, there needs to be understanding, action, and resources for how to help families and students living in the area - schools are failing because families are failing.

Anonymous said...

I agree there needs to be a more vocal community; but I think one of the reasons there isn't currently is because nobody is reporting on the things that are happening. The community, as a whole, is in the dark. Carpenter, when invited, comes to a meeting and puts the best spin on things. If the community were aware I'm sure they could be as vocal as Lee's Summit who got up in arms and had the last superintendent fired.