Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Show-Me Police Protection Missouri Progress

After a few years of racial uprising riots, debate and increased attacks against law enforcement . . . Missouri politicos are working to craft a crackdown against criminals who target cops. Take a look at the legislative chatter: House perfects police protection bills from Haefner, Hill

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chuck said...

It won't mitigate the danger or the hate from those BLM/Progressive/Democrats in the streets, who are fed a constant diet of lies and bullshit from the Media, Hollywood, Lickspittle Democrat Politicians and MU-Type-Professors, who insist that what they want is dead cops and they want them now!

The propaganda of victimhood and the de facto permission for violence from said entities, guarantees more assassinations of first responders by Obama-Brown-Shirt-Thugs no matter what legislation is passed. The "Overton Window" with relation to the level of violence that these Progressive/Fascist Fucks commit on video, on TV, with the crescendo of hosanna's from the 4th estate's sound track for the latest outrage, is moving at what seems to be light speed.

As the attacks intensify on the Trump Administration the level of danger will increase for first responders. P.E.R.I.O.D.

The Press Pack Dogs will howl gleefully at the moon with every new assassination.