Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Show-Me 'NAACP Day' Missouri

Missouri GOP Hegemony flubs a strictly diplomatic visit and creates another nationwide embarrassment . . . GOP lawmaker cuts off NAACP president's testimony, sparking a tense "NAACP Day" at Capitol


Anonymous said...

Dem' little chocolate snowflakes is all butthurt.

Bob said...

The stories in the St. Louis and Kansas City papers skip over the good part. Supposedly his opening remarks addressed the bill under consideration. Some time after that his mic was cut. What did he say in between? That the newspapers won't tell us makes me very suspicious that they don't want us to know - it might undercut their preferred narrative. Yes, they are that dishonest. Transcript please!

Anonymous said...

Fuck that Nimrod. He should be out in the lobby shining shoes anyway.